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Organizations are finding that they must compete for customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and host communities by consistently creating and delivering more value to them. The faculty and students in the Management Department are interested in the ways in which organizations become more competitive for all of these stakeholders by coordinating activities and relationships in dynamic international environments. These interests are manifest in our various degree programs, basic research, community engagement, entrepreneurial activities, and consulting.

One result is that the Management Department is among the most interdisciplinary departments at the University of Richmond. We teach courses that give students essential skills, knowledge, and capabilities to excel as leaders in any specialty area, including finance, marketing, accounting, or operations management. For example, our courses address the knowledge for students to:

  • Identify business opportunities and build or grow a firm to pursue those opportunities (Strategy and Entrepreneurship)
  • Establish values for the firm, and provide leadership and decision-making to align people with the business opportunities (Organizational Behavior and Ethics)
  • Diagnose an organization's threats and opportunities to develop improvement initiatives and contribute to its performance (Consulting)

The Management Department offers concentrations in Management Consulting and Entrepreneurship for majors in the Robins School of Business. The Department also coordinates a Minor in Entrepreneurship that is offered exclusively to students who are not Business Administration, Accounting, or Economics majors and who are not in the BUAD minor.


Undergraduate Management

Robins School of Business
102 UR Drive
University of Richmond, VA 23173

Department Chair
Violet Ho, Ph.D.
(804) 289-8567 

Department Coordinator
Donna Ruff
RSB 315
(804) 662-3166  

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