Study Abroad

Requirements and Transfer Policies

All Robins School students, even those not concentrating in international business, are encouraged to apply for study abroad. Generally, Robins students are expected to have at least a 3.0 business school and overall GPA. The Robins School enjoys relationships with leading business schools throughout the world. In accordance with University policy, credits will be transferred only from partner institutions or pre-approved study programs. Students who study at schools that are not Robins School partners are permitted to transfer only one business or economics course. 

Students must enroll in the equivalent of at least 3.5 units of coursework, but no more than the equivalent of 5.5 units. Credit conversions are explained on the International Education (IE) website brochure page for each partner school. A grade equivalent of "C" or better is required for a course to be accepted for transfer. Note that only the credits, not the grade is transferred. Courses graded on a pass/fail basis are not transferable.

Students studying in a country where the native language is not English are required to participate in the host school's pre-semester language course, whether offered for credit or not, or take a regular semester language course or a course in any subject in which the language of instruction is the local language.

Students must attend the host institution's pre-semester orientation for international/exchange students.

Note that by virtue of studying abroad for a full semester students satisfy the requirement to take an international-focused business or economics elective.

All Robins School students are automatically enrolled in IBUS 387 Cultural Awareness while abroad. This is a .25 unit, pass/fail course.  Details of the course requirements will be provided after you return from your study abroad period.

Course approvals for business and economics must be obtained from Fae Bell, director of business study abroad programs. Complete the course approval form. Approval for courses in other fields must be obtained from the appropriate chair in the school of Arts and Sciences or Jepson School of Leadership Studies. Students are encouraged to secure approval for courses prior to departing Richmond; however, it is not uncommon for course offerings to change after arrival at the host school. In such cases, it is the student's responsibility to contact Fae Bell prior to registering to ensure that classes not previously approved will be accepted for transfer credit upon return to Richmond. 

NOTE: Prior approval of a course for transfer credit does not mean that a student has the necessary background and prerequisites for the course. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the background and prerequisites of the study abroad host institution are met. The student should consult with the assigned advisor at the host school.


The following limits apply to RSB students.

No more than two of the following RSB core courses: 

BUAD 393

Business Law (must be U.S. based law course)

BUAD 394

Business Ethics

FIN 360

Principles of Financial Management (not allowed for finance concentrators)

MGMT 225

IT and Data Analytics

MGMT 330

Organizational Behavior

MGMT 340

Operations Management

MKT 320

Principles of Marketing


Transfer credit will not be granted for the following courses:

ACCT 301 and 302

Intermediate Financial Accounting I and II

BUAD 497

Strategic Management

ECON 270, 271, and 272

Intro Economics, Micro, and Macro Theory

FIN 361, 366, and 461

Corporate Valuation and Modeling

FIN 466 and 467

Income and Derivative Securities and Applied Portfolio Management

IBUS 411

International Business Strategy

MGMT 352 and 450

New Venture Creation and Consulting Process and Practicum

No more than two elective courses in ACCT, ECON, IBUS, INFO, MKT

Students concentrating in Management Consulting may take only one MGMT and/or one INFO course to transfer towards their concentration requirements.

Students concentrating in Management Entrepreneurship may take no more than two of the four MGMT Entrepreneurship courses abroad, including either MGMT 247 or MGMT 351, and one elective that fulfills the concentration.

Only one FIN elective may be taken abroad.

FIN 360 must be taken prior to going abroad in order to take a finance elective abroad.

MKT 320 must be taken prior to going abroad in order to take any marketing electives abroad.

ECON 271 must be taken prior to going abroad in order to take 300- or 400-level economics courses abroad.

Accounting MAJORS may receive transfer credit for ACCT 305 Managerial and Cost Accounting. They cannot receive transfer credit for any other 300- or 400-level accounting courses required for the Accounting major.

Transfer credit will not be granted for any online or hybrid course taken abroad.