SMIF History

SMIF was created in 1993 to provide a "hands-on" experience in research, investing, portfolio management, and the dynamics of the equity markets. The Board of Trustees started the program with a transfer of funds from the University's endowment.

Managers are chosen through a rigorous selection process that encompasses an application, formal interview, and written research report. The existing managers make all decisions with oversight from SMIF faculty advisors. Once selected, managers take courses in an "investment track" consisting of Financial Management, Fixed Income & Derivatives, Investments and Security Analysis, and Portfolio Management.

The managers also receive one unit of academic credit for their participation in the Fund. Meetings are held at least once a week throughout the entire year to evaluate the status of the portfolios and execute any other administrative duties that are pertinent to its success.

SMIF is completely equity based and is split into a Growth Fund and a Value Fund. The two funds are each comprised of approximately eight managers. A General Manager actively participates in both funds and ensures the professional management of SMIF as a whole."

Managers act as security analysts and portfolio managers. Through many different research sources, information is gathered in an attempt to lead to a buy or sell decision. Practical investment knowledge, exercised through field trips, internships, and a close working relationship with market professionals, has enhanced the educational experience for the fund managers.

The Fund maintains working relationships with alumni and other professionals in the financial services industry, acting as mentors for the managers of the portfolio. The managers work with faculty advisors from the finance department as well as with an advisory board consisting of investment professionals in the Richmond community. Each year, the Fund continues to improve and plays a unique role in the finance curriculum. Through high caliber students, determination, and professional conduct, SMIF will remain one of the most unique and prestigious programs offered at the University of Richmond.

Past Managers

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  • 2018-19

    General Manager
    Jeremy Lacy

    Growth Fund
    Christian Berardo
    Brad Gibson
    Luke Knott
    Bobby Piluso
    Kate Schlinke
    Keenan Shepard
    Jack Tierney
    Jess Wilson
    Ying Wu

    Value Fund
    Pedro Balaban
    Julian Baretta
    Casey Begoon
    Matt Freda
    Chilton Gaines
    Rishabh Jain
    Ryan McCaffrey
    Ryan Pasquali
    Dennis Smith

    Annual Report

  • 2017-18

    General Manager
    Joao Galbier

    Growth Fund
    Benjamin Barad
    Haley Preschutti
    Kieran O’Connor
    Kylie Regan
    Luke Perda
    Oliver Merison
    Raymond Kanyo
    Anthony Faraino

    Value Fund
    Nelson Baetjer
    Doug Butman
    Ryan Byrnes
    Alexander Cover
    Connor Flanagan
    Tyler Grosse
    Elizabeth Sullivan
    Cade von Gal

  • 2016-17

    General Manager

    Megan Troy

    Growth Fund
    Christopher Hartman
    Rob Ibarguen
    Stathi Kyriakides
    Matthew Leto
    Rowland Mayor
    Michael Walsh
    Sean Walsh
    Wanli Zhang

    Value Fund
    Matthew Celona
    John Franceski
    Han Kweon
    Gregory Nodaros
    Callie Reis
    Dodo Stavrev
    Ellie Sullivan
    Natalie Swanson

    Annual Report

  • 2015-16

    General Manager
    Peter Donohue

    Growth Fund
    Matt Brookman
    Connor Cole
    Nate Cohen
    Jack Clark
    Divij Dugar
    Tom Fickinger
    Peter Ghiorse
    Aaron Hamburger

    Value Fund
    Chris Ahn
    Jill Cestaro
    Mark Downey
    Brian Gramolini
    Brad Rigoli
    Greg Stern
    Kendall Stevenson
    Bryce Yoo

    Annual Report

  • 2014-15

    General Manager
    Jake O’Donnell

    Growth Fund
    Kevin Alloway
    George Appling
    George Beck
    Kelly Becker
    Jared Bloom
    Laura Levy
    Saifali Shaikh
    Michael Vivirito

    Value Fund
    Sean Baker
    Marty Berkowitz
    Abby Gilmartin
    Connor Koorbusch
    Camille Pittman
    Skye Samse
    Chris Silvey
    Jack Stillwagon
    Curtis Robbins