Experiential Learning

A unique experiential learning course designed around engagement with businesses, executives, and the community

During the first year of Endeavor RSB, students will learn about business by engaging with businesses, executives, and the community, which includes:

  • Visiting local businesses in the greater Richmond area, Washington D.C., and the University of Richmond’s own operational areas to allow students to observe the strategies and challenges faced by real businesses.
  • Hearing from national and international business leaders through our Robins Executive Speaker Series.
  • Interactive engagements which provide a platform for our Endeavor RSB cohort to think carefully about how each of these firms may have unique opportunities to promote a greater societal impact through business while considering the human desirability, technical feasibility, and economic viability of their business models.

In the fall, students will explore all areas of business offered in the Robins School. Each week will spotlight a different area where students will engage with faculty, students, and executives as they explore discipline specific curriculum, careers, and experiential learning opportunities available in the Robins School. Fields include Accounting, Data Analytics, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Management, and Marketing. Other spotlight topics will explore student support services and student development, including Q-camp and professionalism, career services, student and professional organizations, study abroad, mentoring, and advising.

In the spring, RSB faculty and student mentors will guide students as they consider different majors, career interests, and professional goals. Opportunities for business application will allow students to begin applying what they are learning in their classes and from interactive business engagements through small group case discussions, business simulations, and other practical business activities with a focus on creating societal impact through business.