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Full Disclosure at Robins

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The Robins School of Business partners with Full Disclosure for special episodes of the popular podcast. Roben Farzad is the producer and host of the series.

The business of culture. The culture of business. Host and journalist-in-residence Roben Farzad speaks with policymakers, media and technology groundbreakers, entrepreneurs, and more.

Past Speakers

Headshot of Sunni Baweja
Sunny Baweja - September 14, 2023

Chef, Lehja Restaurant

Sandeep (“Sunny”) Baweja of Lehja Restaurant in Short Pump, in the suburbs of Richmond, Va., has received critical acclaim for his work at this “modern Indian restaurant.” Sunny is a self-trained chef and holds a master’s degree in business.

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Headshot of Rashida Jones
Rashida Jones

President, MSNBC

Rashida Jones is President of MSNBC, the premiere destination for breaking news, award-winning journalism, in-depth analysis and informed perspectives. She is responsible for oversight of all programming, digital expansion, new businesses, editorial units, business development and technical operations.

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Headshot of Pete Buttigieg
Pete Buttigieg - December 1, 2023

U.S. Secretary of Transportation

Pete Buttigieg serves as the 19th Secretary of Transportation, having been sworn in on February 3, 2021. His focus as Secretary is to deliver the world’s leading transportation system for the American people and economy. He has worked to achieve organizational excellence in the department’s operations, and to focus the department on five policy goals: safety, jobs, equity,
climate, and innovation.

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Headshot of Pete Buttigieg
Steve Inskeep - January 31, 2024

Cohost, NPR’s Morning Edition; Author of "Differ We Must"

Steve Inskeep is a cohost of NPR’s Morning Edition, the most widely heard radio program in the United States, and of NPR’s Up First, one of the nation’s most popular podcasts. His reporting has taken him across the United States, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Pakistan, and China. His search for the full story behind the news has led him to history; he is the author of Instant City, Jacksonland, and Imperfect Union.

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