Build strong relationships and learn from a group of student-centric faculty members

Students will have access to a dedicated set of faculty and staff who are responsible for teaching, advising, and mentoring students in the program, and who are committed to building an inclusive and supportive community where students of all backgrounds are able to thrive and excel. Students will also be able to build strong faculty mentoring relationships that foster growth and exploration and will last well beyond the program and your college career.


Nancy Bagranoff is Professor of Accounting and University Professor. She teaches courses in introductory accounting and cybersecurity. She enjoys introducing students to accounting in a broad context and helping them to understand its importance in their lives and in contributing to a prosperous society.


Della Dumbaugh is Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics Coordinator in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. She teaches across the mathematics curriculum and beyond. She has created travel courses to Vienna and a First Year Seminar on correspondence. She especially enjoys teaching Calculus and leveraging the powerful ideas of the subject to develop successful skills for the future. She has written about how Calculus prepares you for the future workforce in Medium. You can find her article here.


Timothy Hamilton is an Associate Professor of Economics who teaches courses in Environmental Economics, Statistics, and Econometrics. He’s excited to be a part of the Endeavor RSB program because he believes strongly in the effect of a positive classroom atmosphere and a collaborative learning environment.


Kathy Hoke is Professor of Mathematics and Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. She teaches courses at all levels of the mathematics curriculum, but she particularly enjoys teaching calculus. Her favorite courses to teach are sections of calculus taught in context; she has taught SMART calculus (calculus coupled with a biology and chemistry section) and calculus with a social justice context.


Cassandra Marshall is an Associate Professor of Finance. She teaches Principles of Corporate Finance where she enjoys teaching the foundations of finance to students from all business majors, Intermediate Corporate Finance where her students learn the theory behind corporate decisions and how to analyze data through Excel modeling, and Financial Modeling in the MBA program. She demonstrates the importance of financial decisions made by businesses as well as personal financial decisions made by each individual and how these decisions collectively affect outcomes in our society.


Saif Mehkari is an Associate Professor of Economics. He teaches courses in Macroeconomics, Mathematical Economics, and Computational Methods. One of his favorite courses to teach is Principles of Macroeconomics as he loves teaching and thinking about how firms and households make decisions!


Kelley Ranager is the Administrative Coordinator for the Economics Department. She has a background in Economics and Public Policy and is happy to help you in any way she can!


Laura Thompson is Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Student Services in the Robins School of Business. She often speaks with prospective Spiders, so you may have already met her on a college visit. She is excited to work with the Class of 2024 pre-business students to develop their academic paths. She is also looking forward to teaching Endeavor RSB students her favorite class, which is BUAD 205 Business Communications.


Tom Zylkin is an Assistant Professor of Economics who teaches Principles of Microeconomics and as well as elective courses in International Economics. He is excited to teach in the Endeavor RSB program because he is passionate about giving his students a positive and eye-opening introduction to the rich subject of Economics.