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Timothy Hamilton

Associate Professor of Economics
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    Professor Hamilton is an environmental economist specializing in nonmarket valuation. He earned his Ph.D. in Economics from North Carolina State University before joining the University of Richmond. His research interests focus on the valuation of environmental goods and involve empirical analyses and examination of valuation methods. His work explores topics that include land use, air quality, and environmental justice. Professor Hamilton teaches courses in both environmental economics and statistics and works closely with the Economics, Mathematical-Economics, and Environmental Studies programs.

  • Selected Publications
    Journal Articles

    "Amenity values of proximity to National Wildlife Refuges: An analysis of urban residential property values," with Xiangping Liu, Laura O. Taylor, and Peter E. Grigelis. Ecological Economics, Volume 94, October 2013, pp. 37-43.

    "An Integrated Model of Regional and Local Residential Sorting with Application to Air Quality", with Daniel J. Phaneuf. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Volume 74, November 2015, pp. 71-93.

    "Spatial Cost of Living Indices and the Distribution of Public Goods." Land Economics, Volume 91, November 2015, pp. 762-782.

    "Bicycle infrastructure and traffic congestion: Evidence from DC's Capital Bikeshare," with Casey J. Wichman. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Volume 87, January 2018, pp. 72-93.

    "Loan Purpose and Accounting Based Debt Covenants", with Daniel Paik, Brandon Lee, and Sung Wook Yoon. Review of Accounting and Finance, Volume 18 (2), 2019, pp. 321-343.

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