Executive Advisory Council

The Executive Advisory Council of the Robins School of Business is a proactive organization dedicated to continuing to make the Robins School one of the top undergraduate and graduate business schools in the country and to strengthening Executive Education programs. To achieve this mission, the Executive Advisory Council will actively participate in the following three areas, including but not limited to (in priority of importance):

  1. Actively assist the Robins School of Business with outreach activities:
    1. Act as Ambassadors at Large for the Robins School.
    2. Help the Robins School develop contacts, working relationships, and networking opportunities:
      • Emphasis in greater Richmond area.
      • Targeted non Richmond contacts.
      • Targeted business sectors.
    3. Assist the Dean in developing other outreach programs per the Dean's direction.
    4. Provide introductions and cultivate prospects for the Office of Advancement.
    5. Use Executive Education as a means to develop self and employees and to introduce people to the Robins School and the University of Richmond.
  2. Act as an advisory body:
    1. Act as a general advisory resource.
    2. Be a resource and sounding board to the Dean in the development of the annual and long term strategic plans.
    3. Participate in task forces when requested.
  3. Enhance the Robins School of Business curricular and co-curricular activities:
    1. Participate as guest speakers and panel members.
    2. Be a resource to secure outside speakers and panel members.
    3. Act as judges and panel members for events such as the Opening Residency and the McWick Case Competition.
    4. Facilitate undergraduate student internships.
    5. Facilitate opportunities for the MBA International Residency.
    6. Advise the Robins School on current marketplace educational needs.
    7. Be a mentoring resource for Robins School students including in-person discussions.
    8. Be a mentorship resource for the Robins School faculty including

The Robins Mentoring Program

In January 2005, the Robins School of Business and Executive Advisory Council launched a mentoring program. This program is designed to connect Robins School of Business juniors and seniors one-on-one with business professionals. Visit the Robins Mentoring Program Web page for additional information.