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Our students have their fingers on the pulse of our constantly changing world, but their foundations are in the broad perspectives of the liberal arts. They learn from teacher-scholars in intimate classes. Equipped with 21st century skills, our students become world-ready graduates who are exhilarated by the global marketplace and enthusiastic about making an impact.

Feature Stories

Student works on developing app to help overcome daily scheduling woes
“Organizational and scheduling issues are often difficult for me,” he shared. “We have so much to manage—schoolwork, clubs, extracurricular responsibilities, personal relationships. I developed an idea based on something I needed for myself.” HORUS, Liam’s app which he hopes will launch in the spring, is a time management tool designed to encourage users to input all activities in their schedule to view how time is allocated in any given period of time. The acronym HORUS categorizes activities in an individual’s schedule, including health, occupation, responsibility, unique, and social. “If you want to work on something, maybe it’s spending more time with family, taking care of tasks and errands more quickly, or coordinating group activities, HORUS enables you to see how you allocate time and make changes based on wants and needs to set your ideal schedule,” Liam said. The app serves as a reminder for appointments, but also archives daily schedules, and allows users to share appointments with others. “I want HORUS to be available across all mobile and web platforms so it’s the easiest calendar platform for user engagement,” Liam said. Liam and his co-founder, Thomas Lux, met through a mutual friend after he had been searching for a technical expert to help bring his idea to life. Thomas, a graduate of Vanderbilt University and board member of the institution’s Entrepreneurship Club, has experience as a software developer. Liam hopes to have a beta version of the app available by early 2019, and is working closely with Mike Page, an Executive in Residence at the Robins School, as a mentor. “Mike has been an awesome resource,” Liam shared. “He has been through the entire process of entrepreneurial foundation to exit multiple times, and is very open to talking through his experience.” Of their time spent together, Mike shares, “For many students, starting a business or pursuing an idea while in school provides a chance to pursue or explore an entrepreneurial career with a relatively low opportunity cost. I was immediately impressed with Liam's focus on the process of starting a business. He recognized early on that following a disciplined approach can make the difference between success and failure of start-up.” Liam has capitalized on the sources of knowledge he has found both in and out of the classroom. He largely credits Dr. Jonathan Whitaker, associate professor of management, of encouraging him to pursue entrepreneurship. “Dr. Whitaker encouraged my concentration in Entrepreneurship Management. The coursework drives results and action, and require detailed ideas and plans,” he said, which helped him refine his business venture ideation. He has also relied on fellow entrepreneurs as a resource when he took part in the inaugural Spiders Entrepreneurship and Innovation Road Trip in May 2018. The program took students to Silicon Valley and San Francisco to learn firsthand about the different industries and job opportunities through meetings with alumni at startup ventures and related industries and guided tours of company headquarters such as GV (Google Ventures), Dropbox, and Airbnb. “There’s a camaraderie in starting your own company, and being able to talk to entrepreneurs on a personal level unlocked the human side of being a founder,” Liam said of his experience. “There was candor in people talking about their early experiences. It was inspirational and extraordinary. I did not expect to get such insight into the thought processes behind running these companies.” As Liam looks toward graduation in May, he plans to work toward the fundraising of HORUS’ seed round and begin working fulltime on the venture in Richmond with Thomas. In the meantime, he looks forward to the potential of beta testing the app on campus to gain student feedback.

Q-camp Process

The Q-camp Process introduces business students to practical career skills through progressive exercises that meet the needs of sophomores, juniors, and seniors.


Sophomore students refine career goals, identify job search resources, practice networking skills, and craft a personal brand.


Focused on summer internships, juniors learn to differentiate themselves as employees, manage their network, and evaluate their fit in an organization.


Seniors unsure about their plans evaluate their summer experiences, refresh their personal brand, and navigate corporate networking events.

Faculty & Staff Highlights

  • International Programs Associate Dean named to IES Abroad Curriculum Committee

    Tom Cosse will serve a three-year term for the Institute for the International Education of Students Abroad Curriculum Committee, which reviews all of the syllabi that are taught by IES faculty around the world. 

  • Accounting Professor awarded Foundation for Audit Research Grant

    Marshall Geiger, CSX Chair in Management and Accounting, was awarded a grant from the Foundation for Audit Research in the Netherlands to review the global academic literature on auditor reporting on financially distressed companies in order to identify best practices and areas in need of further research.

  • Governor's Administration Appointee Nancy Bagranoff, dean of the Robins School, was named to Governor Northam's Advisory Council on Revenue Estimates.
  • Changing Face of Retail

    With bankruptcy news from two major retailers -- Toys R Us and Sears -- brick and mortar retail continues to face challenges while online and pop-up shops soar. Finance professor and retail expert Tom Arnold can discuss the changes we’ve seen in 2018 and trends for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

  • #MeToo Movement Multiple harassment and assault allegations were filed against powerful men, including Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh, actor Kevin Spacey, and news anchor Tom Brokaw. Psychology professor Scott Allison, one of the editors of Leadership and Sexuality: Power, Principles, and Processes, can provide comments about the #MeToo movement.
  • Foreign Policy & Trade War

    From the first North Korea-United States Summit to President Trump’s meeting with Putin to the U.S.-China Trade War, 2018 produced several major meetings and events related to foreign policy. Political science and international studies professor Stephen Long, is available to discuss these and other foreign policy-related stories.

  • Money Magazine names UR in Top 10 Colleges for Business Majors University of Richmond ranked 6th on the list for best colleges for business majors. The article highlighted the signature program Q-camp, which provides programming outside of the classroom focused on networking and being competitive for top jobs. 
  • Dean Named Co-Chair of the Business Accreditation Task Force (BATF)

    Bagranoff will co-chair the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business' effort to re-imagine business accreditation. 

  • UR Advising Excellence Award

    Laura Thompson, assistant dean for undergraduate student services, was awarded the Advising Excellence Award by The Academic Advising Resource Center. 

  • Fellowship will fund UR professor's project

    Monika Kukar-Kinney, professor of marketing, was awarded a Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges Mednick Memorial Fellowship.


Q-camp Process

Q-camp Process

A look into the Q-camp Process, The Robins School of Business' landmark professional skill-building program, named for alumnus and key University donor Paul Queally B'86. (2015)

Professor and Student Ties (Robins School of Business)

Professor and Student Ties (Robins School of Business)

Professors and their students reflect on the memories they have shared and the relationships they have developed with each other while at the Robins School of Business.

Robins School: Study Abroad

Robins School: Study Abroad

A closer look at the Robins School's Study Abroad program through the perspectives of students who spent an entire semester engaged in international study.

International Business: Studying Abroad at the University of Richmond (2013)

International Business: Studying Abroad at the University of Richmond (2013)

Hear as our exchange students tell about their experience studying abroad at the University of Richmond.

Class of 2013 Reflections (Robins School of Business)

Class of 2013 Reflections (Robins School of Business)

Class of 2013 graduates reflect on their memories from the Robins School of Business while at the annual graduation reception celebrating their accomplishments.

Deconstructing Wall Street: Career Opportunities in Finance

Deconstructing Wall Street: Career Opportunities in Finance

Deconstructing Wall Street: Opportunities in Finance is a program sponsored by the University of Richmond Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni and Career Services. (2013)

Innovation and CUIBE Case Competitions

Innovation and CUIBE Case Competitions

Spring 2013