Robins School of Business Strategic Plan 2022-25


The Robins School of Business strives to make a positive impact on business and society.


Our mission is to inspire students, scholars, and decision-makers to ask meaningful questions and to guide them in discovering forward-looking solutions that address important business and societal issues. 

We create rigorous, tailored learning experiences for tomorrow's leaders in a welcoming and diverse community.



  • Upholding the highest ethical standards
  • Fulfilling our promises
  • Holding ourselves and others accountable for words and actions


  • Bringing our best work to every endeavor towards a collective vision of the future
  • Upholding high expectations of one another
  • Recognizing truly outstanding contributions

Student Focus

  • Making student-centered decisions
  • Bringing value to students in every endeavor
  • Providing outstanding opportunities for student development and learning


  • Valuing the importance of each member of our community
  • Creating an inclusive and transparent environment
  • Endeavoring to understand and appreciate diverse perspectives


  • Fostering a fun community of positive social interaction and collaboration
  • Listening and responding with tact and open-mindedness
  • Showing humility, compassion, and empathy

Focus Areas

Expand All
  • Support Student Academic and Professional Development
    • Reimagine our advising processes and capabilities to better inform students about the value of a business education.
    • Ensure that graduates possess the critical interpersonal skills required to be effective.
    • Better serve the needs of our international degree-seeking students.
    • Identify opportunities to increase the full-time job placement rate of RSB graduates across majors and concentrations.
    • Build upon the Endeavor RSB program and extend lessons learned to our overall program.
  • Enable Faculty/Staff Contributions and Fulfillment
    • Fully articulate our teacher-scholar model and identify strategies and resources to support, evaluate and recognize excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service.
    • Develop structures and identify resources to optimize staff development and career progression.
    • Discover creative ways to recognize excellence among our faculty and staff.
    • Identify strategies for increasing faculty-staff communication and interaction such as informal gatherings and affinity groups.
    • Increase faculty participation in teaching-related development activities.
    • Develop mechanisms to support and facilitate teaching and research collaboration with RSB international partner universities.
  • Be a Force for Good in our Community
    • Scale the Spider Business Hub so that it becomes a signature student experience and a sought-after partner in the Richmond business community.
    • Facilitate student entrepreneurial opportunities and support the creation and growth of new ventures.
    • Identify opportunities to increase our societal impact and alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through courses and activities.
    • Evaluate our physical plant to identify future space requirements for community engagement, collaboration, and work.
  • Foster a Culture of Genuine Inclusion and a Lifelong Sense of Belonging
    • Continue to diversify our faculty and staff to ensure representation.
    • Broaden representation of speakers.
    • Fully implement the recommendations of the RSB DEI Task Force including:
      • Curriculum and teaching practices
      • Advising and pre-business activities
      • Physical space
      • Increase non-RSB student access to RSB courses and activities.