Robins School of Business Strategic Plan


Our mission is to inspire students, scholars, and decision-makers to ask meaningful questions and to guide them toward discovering solutions that address major business and societal issues. We create rigorous, tailored learning experiences for tomorrow’s leaders in a welcoming and diverse culture.


The Robins School of Business strives to make meaningful contributions to business and society



  • Upholding the highest ethical standards
  • Fulfilling our promises
  • Holding ourselves and others accountable for words and actions


  • Bringing our best work to every endeavor towards a collective vision of the future
  • Upholding high expectations of one another
  • Recognizing truly outstanding contributions

Student Focus

  • Making student-centered decisions
  • Bringing value to students in every endeavor
  • Providing outstanding opportunities for student development and learning


  • Valuing the importance of each member of our community
  • Creating an inclusive and transparent environment
  • Endeavoring to understand and appreciate diverse perspectives


  • Fostering a fun community of positive social interaction and collaboration
  • Listening and responding with tact and open-mindedness
  • Showing humility, compassion, and empathy

Focus Areas

Providing a rigorous and innovative academic experience in a student-focused environment: Initiatives to help us enhance and innovate our current undergraduate and graduate curriculum, consider the need for new programs or courses, improve student advising, and increase focus on the student experience in the business school.

  • Collaborate across courses to encourage high impact practices and greater consistency
  • Evaluate sequencing of business curriculum to aid in integration across disciplinary lines and increase depth of coverage
  • Strengthen existing courses by integrating additional technical, analytical, and soft skills where possible to keep our curriculum relevant in a changing world
  • Enhance curriculum through innovative new programs and courses that complement our existing courses
  • Develop integrated offerings across disciplines and schools, consistent with The Richmond Promise (University Strategic Plan)
  • Increase proportion of courses taught by full-time faculty, and decrease the occurrences of class sizes greater than 20
  • Promote best practices in advising students and reach students earlier in their academic careers

Fostering a vibrant community of teacher-scholars invested in achieving excellence in both teaching and scholarship: Initiatives that aim to support and reward teaching, scholarship, and service in support of the teacher-scholar model will be included here.

  • Attract and retain high quality teacher-scholars
  • Provide meaningful development opportunities for teachers at all career stages
  • Create and promote avenues for more collaborative research among faculty
  • Leverage individual faculty strengths to best serve the school

Creating a diverse and thriving business school community of students, faculty, and staff: Initiatives that aim to help students thrive academically, faculty & staff thrive professionally, and everyone thrive personally are included here. We also include initiatives that focus on creating a community where individuals from a wide-range of diverse backgrounds can collectively thrive.

  • Create a more diverse faculty, staff, and student population with respect to race and gender
  • Ensure that all members of our community feel included and valued
  • Ensure that all members of our community receive the support they need to thrive in the environment

Building deep-rooted relationships with alumni, businesses, and our larger professions: Initiatives to help us connect with alumni and employers, to continue to improve post-graduation outcomes, and to encourage service to our larger professional communities.Integrating the business school into the larger community.

  • Create and grow collaborations with local business people, faculty and students
  • Better connect with Chamber RVA and Greater Richmond Partnership
  • Help our students get more out of their internships
  • Better and more consistently recognize excellence among alumni
  • Make better use of our EAC through team projects that help the RSB achieve its objectives

Integrating the business school into the larger community: Initiatives that help us connect to the larger university through cross-school programs, the city of Richmond and society through experiential and community learning opportunities, and the international community through abroad programs for both students and faculty will be included here.

  • Integration of business with the liberal arts
  • Integration of business with the larger community