Management Fact Sheet

Organizations are finding that they must compete for customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and host communities by consistently creating and delivering more value to them. The faculty and students in the Management Department are interested in the ways in which organizations become more competitive for all of these stakeholders by coordinating activities and relationships in dynamic international environments. These interests are manifest in our various degree programs, basic research, community engagement, entrepreneurial activities, and consulting.

One result is that the Management Department is among the most interdisciplinary departments at the University of Richmond. We teach courses that give students essential skills, knowledge, and capabilities to excel as leaders in any specialty area, including finance, marketing, accounting, or operations management. For example, our courses address the knowledge for students to:

  • Identify business opportunities and build or grow a firm to pursue those opportunities (Strategy and Entrepreneurship)
  • Establish values for the firm, and provide leadership and decision-making to align people with the business opportunities (Organizational Behavior and Ethics)
  • Diagnose an organization's threats and opportunities to develop improvement initiatives and contribute to its performance (Consulting)

The Management Department offers concentrations in Management Consulting and Entrepreneurship for majors in the Robins School of Business. The Department also coordinates a Minor in Entrepreneurship that is offered exclusively to students who are not Business Administration, Accounting, or Economics majors and who are not a business administration minor.

Career Opportunities in Management Consulting

Students who graduate with a Management Consulting concentration contribute to performance improvement initiatives in many types of organizations, including corporations, professional services firms, and governmental and non-profit organizations. Companies that have hired Management Consulting students include:

Bain & Company
Booz Allen Hamilton
Deloitte Consulting

Career Opportunities in Entrepreneurship 

Students who graduate with an Entrepreneurship concentration or minor are equipped to start their own firm, manage a family business, or buy a franchise. You could also be a product manager, market analyst, or development team lead for an existing business, as firms increasingly recognize the importance of integrating entrepreneurship into their business strategies. Other career opportunities include consulting practices, business incubators, and research firms.

Companies that have hired Entrepreneurship students include:

EPM Scientific
Guidepoint Global
Lincoln Financial Group
Universal Music Group

Supporting Programs

Our department works across campus to offer and support a variety of programs and opportunities for our students. These include:

Lakeside Consulting Group (student-run consulting group)
Spider Ventures (student-run business accelerator)
Business pitch competition
McWick case competition
Case interviewing workshops
Spiders in Silicon Valley road trip
Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and Founders-in-Residence


Management students have the opportunity to study with leading-edge researchers and teachers in a variety of fields while being mentored by successful alumni and entrepreneurs. The typical Management faculty member has many years of experience in industry (outside of academia) before or after completing a Ph.D. and is a leading researcher in her/his respective field. In recent years, Management Department members have published research in the following top-ranked* academic journals:

  • Academy of Management Journal
  • Academy of Management Review
  • Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
  • Human Relations
  • Journal of Business Ethics
  • Journal of Business Venturing
  • Journal of International Business Studies
  • Journal of Management
  • Journal of Management Studies
  • Organization Science
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Decisions Processes
  • Strategic Management Journal

*Journals included in listings by Bloomberg Businessweek, Financial Times, or University of Texas at Dallas Top 100 Business School Research Rankings

Transferring Courses from Other Institutions

To take a Management (MGMT) course or the Strategic Management (BUAD 497) course elsewhere in the U.S. and have it count for credit at UR as a currently enrolled Richmond student, you need to do the following before you take the course:

Complete the “Transfer Work Approval Online Form” available from the Registrar’s Office website. On that form, you need to:

  1. Attach details about the course, including a syllabus for the course; do not just send a link to the college catalog.
  2. Provide evidence that the college or university is accredited by including a link to the college website page where the college provides information on accreditation.

The department chair, in consultation with the appropriate course coordinator and/or faculty, will then review the course information and determine if the course is comparable to our course. The department chair will not sign off on a course transfer if the information about the course suggests that you will learn substantially less than at the same course here at the University of Richmond. If the course is comparable, the form will be approved, after which you may enroll in the course.

Online courses and courses at community colleges are not acceptable for transfer for currently enrolled UR students because they are not comparable to our courses.

Entrepreneurship concentrators and minors must take MGMT 352 New Venture Creation at the University of Richmond; this course cannot be transferred from other universities.

Consulting concentrators must take MGMT 450 Consulting Process and Practicum at the University of Richmond; this course cannot be transferred from other universities.

Students who wish to transfer a course as part of a study abroad program will need to work with the Center for International Business Programs at the Robins School.


The Management Department does not allow prerequisite or corequisite overrides. Students will need to ensure that they have completed the stipulated prerequisite/corequisite courses before they register for a Management (MGMT) course or BUAD 497 Strategic Management.