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    Cassandra Marshall is an Associate Professor of Finance at the Robins School of Business. Prior to joining the University of Richmond, she received a Ph.D. in Finance from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. She conducts research in empirical corporate finance where her work focuses on corporate governance, director incentives, corporate fraud, insider trading, and executive compensation. Her work appears in the Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Financial Education, and The Journal of Wealth Management. She has presented her research at seminars and conferences around the world including the American Finance Association, Financial Management Association, European Finance Association, and the Midwest Finance Association. At the University of Richmond, Professor Marshall teaches Principles of Corporate Finance where she enjoys teaching the foundations of finance to students from all business majors, intermediate Corporate Finance where her students learn the theory behind corporate decisions and how to analyze data through Excel modeling, and Financial Modeling in the MBA program. 

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    • Awards

      Outstanding Service Award, Robins School of Business 2018

      Outstanding Scholarship Award, Robins School of Business 2017

      Doctoral Student Travel Grant, American Finance Association Conference 2010

      Dean’s Fellowship, Indiana University 2005-2009

      Outstanding Senior in College of Business (1st in Class), Western Kentucky University 2004

      Outstanding Senior in Finance (1st in Class), Western Kentucky University 2004

    • Presentations

      Directors' Trading Alignment

      Financial Management Association Conference 2014 (Nashville, TN)

      Explaining CEO Retention in Misreporting Firms

      Virginia Commonwealth University 2015, University of Richmond 2013

      Do They Do It for the Money?

      European Finance Association Conference 2011 (Stockholm, Sweden), American Finance Association Conference 2011 (Denver, CO)

      Are Dissenting Directors Rewarded?

      Financial Management Association Conference 2011 (Denver, CO), Midwest Finance Association Conference 2011 (Chicago, IL), University of Cincinnati 2011, Indiana University 2010, University of Arkansas 2010, University of Richmond 2010, California State University (Fullerton) 2010, Illinois State University 2010

    • Memberships

      American Finance Association

      European Accounting Association

      European Finance Association

      Financial Management Association

      Midwest Finance Association

    • Institutional Service

      Department Service

      Committee Chair, Finance Recruiting Committee 2017-2019

      Committee Member, Research Committee 2017-present

      Committee Member, Strategic Planning Committee 2016-present

      Committee Member, Pedagogy Committee 2015-2017

      Committee Member, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Committee 2013-2017

      Panel Member, Perspectives in Professionalism, Robins School of Business 2014

      University Service

      Committee on Committees, University Faculty Senate 2018-present

      Committee Member, Faculty Development Committee 2016-present

      Committee Member, Library Committee 2014-2016

      Committee Member, Richmond Scholars Program: Oldham Scholars Selection Committee 2013-2014

      Professional Service

      Ad Hoc Referee for the European Accounting Review

      Ad Hoc Referee for the Journal of Corporate Finance

  • Selected Publications
    Journal Articles

    “Using Equivalent Tax Rates to Determine Tax Efficient Retirement Investment and Withdrawal” with Tom Arnold, John H. Earl, and Adam Schwartz, The Journal of Wealth Management, 2018, forthcoming.

    “Does Learning the Principles of Finance Overcome Predictable Irrationality?” with Jerry L. Stevens, Journal of Financial Education, 2017, Vol. 43(2), Pgs. 294-312.

    “Excel Calculators for Determining Retirement Accumulation and Disbursement Information” with Tom Arnold, John H. Earl, and Adam Schwartz, The Journal of Wealth Management, 2017, Vol. 20(2), Pgs. 94-101.

    “Explaining CEO Retention in Misreporting Firms” with Messod D. Beneish and Jun Yang, Journal of Financial Economics, 2017, Vol. 123(3), Pgs. 512-535.

    “Using Google Sheets to Determine Mortgage Information” with Tom Arnold and John H. Earl, The Journal of Wealth Management, 2017, Vol. 19(4), Pgs. 128-131.

    “A Quick Approximation for Modified Bond Duration and Convexity” with Tom Arnold and John H. Earl, The Journal of Wealth Management, 2015, Vol. 18(3), Pgs. 53-56.

    “Do They Do It for the Money?” with Utpal Bhattacharya, Journal of Corporate Finance, 2012, Vol. 18(1), Pgs. 92-104.

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