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International business issues are covered throughout the Robins School curriculum; however, some students wish to study international business in greater depth. For these students the international business concentration is offered. Students concentrating in international business must complete the standard set of courses required of all Robins School students. These courses provide the foundation upon which the business program is built.

In addition, students with an international business concentration must satisfy international knowledge and international experience requirements. A grade of C or better must be earned in each course used to meet international knowledge requirements.

International Knowledge Requirements

These requirements consist of international business knowledge and international cultural and social knowledge.

International Business Knowledge, 5 courses, including:

  • IBUS 381 International Business Environment
  • IBUS 411 International Business Strategy (this course is taken in lieu of BUAD 497 Strategic Management)
  • FIN 462 International Financial Management
  • One course chosen from
    • MKT 325 International Marketing
    • MGMT 333 Cross Cultural Management
    • IBUS 390 International Business Issues
  • One international economics course chosen from
    • ECON 210 The Economics of the European Union
    • ECON 211 Economic Development in Asia, Africa and Latin America
    • ECON 310 International Trade and Finance

Note: One course in international business knowledge from accounting, economics, finance, marketing or management can apply to a second concentration.

International Cultural and Social Knowledge, 2 courses, including:

  • Cultural Knowledge: One humanities course focusing on a culture other than that of the student's home or native culture.
  • Social Knowledge: One social sciences course with an international focus or a focus on a country or region other than that of the student's home or native country or region. 

For international students these requirements may be met through courses dealing with the U.S. Consult the associate dean for international business programs.

Note: Some courses that meet the University's General Education fields-of-study requirements can be used to satisfy the international cultural and social knowledge requirements.

International Experience Requirements

The international experience requirements consist of cultural experiences and a work experience.

International Cultural Experience: Students concentrating in international business must complete two of three international cultural experiences:

  • Successfully complete an approved university-level program of study in a foreign country; for at least a full semester;
  • Demonstrate proficiency in a second language. This may be done by earning a grade of C or better in a 300 level language course or by earning a satisfactory score on an appropriate language proficiency examination. Students whose first language is not English typically meet the language proficiency requirement and should contact the associate dean for international business programs.
  • Live in another country for at least 12 continuous weeks other than a study abroad experience.

International Work Experience: An international work experience is required for the international business concentration. This requirement may be met by completing an approved internship in the U.S. in an organization's international section, or by working in an organization located outside the U.S.  If the internship occurs during the summer, it must be full-time for at least six weeks. If the internship takes place during the regular academic year and is a part-time position, it must last for at least one full semester - approximately 12 weeks. Working abroad may satisfy both the international work experience requirement and one of the two international cultural experience requirements.

Note: Prior to starting the internship, the student should provide internship details (organization, country, type of work, duration of internship, name of supervisor) to the associate dean for international business programs to ensure that it will meet the IB concentration requirements.

International Business

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