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The Alfred E. Lyon Scholarship in Marketing

The Alfred E. Lyon Scholarship is a marketing scholarship supported by Altria. The Lyon Scholarship is named in honor of distinguished mid-century Richmond business leader, Alfred E. Lyon, and represents the Marketing Department’s most prestigious honor.

Applications for the Lyon Scholarship are made available by early February, to third-year Robins School of Business students (juniors) concentrating marketing. Judging criteria for the scholarship include both academic and non-academic criteria, and are designed to recognize the “full body of work” of our Marketing Concentration students. Please contact any Marketing Department faculty member if you are interested in finding out more about the Alfred E. Lyon Scholarship.

AMA Scholarship

AMA 2015 Scholarship Winners
2015 winners Stathi Kyriakides and Liz Meadow with Professors Adam Marquardt and Randy Raggio, and AMA-Richmond President Shade Wilson.

In 2001, AMA Richmond established the Robert R. Barber Endowment Fund for Scholarship and Training. The fund was conceptualized by and named for a highly respected marketing professional, Bob barber, longtime CEO and co-owner of Barber Martin Advertising, and a former AMA Richmond president. Since 2001, the fund has grown from $17,000 at its creation to just over $100,000 today, thanks to both corporate and individual contributions, as well as funds dedicated to the endowment from AMA Richmond chapter events and initiatives.

Each year since 2011, the chapter has awarded three competitive annual merit-based scholarships to regional students in the field of marketing. The Scholarship program fulfills Bob Barber's original vision for AMA Richmond to help the next generation of marketers grow to be successful contributors to our marketing community and the marketing profession as a whole. It is one of the many ways the chapter supports marketing students today.

Additional scholarships are also available through the Robins School. Information about these scholarships can be found at the following website. 

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