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Management Fact Sheet

Core Courses

The Management Department teaches courses in Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Information Systems, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior and Strategy.  Courses offered by Management Department faculty that are included in the Robins School of Business core curriculum are:

     • BUAD 392 Ethical, Social and Legal Responsibilities of Business
• BUAD 497 Strategic Management
• MGMT 320 Business Information Systems
• MGMT 330 Organizational Behavior
• MGMT 340   Operations Management

Beyond these core courses, the Management Department offers a concentration for Business Administration Majors, and coordinates two tracks available to Business and non-Business majors – an Innovation and Entrepreneurship track and a Management Consulting track.  More details on the additional courses offered for the Concentration and tracks are provided on the Courses and Curriculum pages of the Management Department website.


Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation and Entrepreneurship has become a major, driving force to economic and societal change. The proliferation of new ventures and small businesses stimulates new career and professional opportunities. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Track provides students with the skills and mindset needed to succeed in  fast-moving environments. Students will engage in new concept creation from idea generation, to validation, and execution. Students will also acquire knowledge and training in applied creativity through innovation for organizations of all types and sizes.

Management Consulting

Organizations regularly engage management consultants in an effort to maintain their competitive edge and improve performance. The Management Consulting track will prepare students to contribute to performance improvement initiatives for corporations, professional services firms, government, and non-profit organizations. Students will develop proficiency to measure and interpret an organization’s performance, diagnose threats and identify opportunities, recommend appropriate actions, and carry them out.

The Management Department created a Management Consulting track to prepare top students for careers with leading consulting firms.  Over 400 University of Richmond students are signed up for the Office of Alumni and Career Services (OACS) consulting e-mail distribution list, and the University of Richmond has established recruiting relationships with the following consulting firms:

     • Bain & Company
• Berkeley Research Group
• Booz Allen Hamilton
• CapTech
• Corporate Executive Board
• Deloitte Consulting
• Ernst & Young Advisory
• FTI Consulting
• Kenesis Corporate and Information Consulting
• Monument Consulting
• PwC Advisory
• Veris Consulting

Students who complete the Management Consulting track will be prepared to contribute to performance improvement initiatives inside many types of organizations, including corporations, professional services firms, and governmental and non-profit organizations.  Graduates will be able to:

     • Measure and interpret an organization’s performance
• Diagnose an organization’s threats and opportunities
• Recommend activities for the organization to address threats or opportunities
• Carry out those activities as a member of a project team
• Communicate clearly the purpose, scope and benefits of their work

Organizational Sustainability

Market forces and ethical responsibilities are leading managers to rethink how their organizations impact individuals and the natural environment. The Organizational Sustainability Track will focus on sustainability as a framework for assessing overall social, environmental, ethical and economic constraints and opportunities for value creation in organizations. Students will acquire knowledge and skills needed to design and manage businesses to promote environmental quality, social welfare, and healthy communities, minimize needed resources, and increase long‐term effectiveness.

Talent Management

Managing organizational talent is crucial for organizational performance. Hence, organizations must invest in the development of their employees. The Talent Management Track develops the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities for a career in leading and managing human resources to support organizational goals. The Track prepares students for managing organizational talent in a variety of areas, from recruiting and developing talent, through managing groups and teams and working with diverse employees, to talent retention and leadership succession.


In addition to being exceptional teachers, a number of Management Department faculty are leading researchers in their respective fields.  Within the past five years, Management Department faculty have published research in the following top-ranked* academic journals:

  • Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
  • Information Systems Research
  • Journal of Business Ethics
  • Journal of Business Venturing
  • Journal of International Business Studies
  • Journal of Management Studies
  • Manufacturing and Service Operations Management
  • Operations Research
  • Organization Science
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Strategic Management Journal

* Journals included in listings by Bloomberg Businessweek, Financial Times, or University of Texas at Dallas Top 100 Business School Research Rankings

Undergraduate Management

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