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The Mission 

The mission of the Robins School of Business is to develop an active learning community in which teaching, scholarship and service are integrated to stimulate intellectual inquiry as the foundation for responsible leadership in the global business environment.


Our faculty are highly aware and sensitive to the diverse educational needs of our students and are continuously engaged in improving teaching skills and content for business administration majors. The faculty engages in activities that enhance the communication of knowledge and are actively involved in crafting new instructional materials and presentation methodologies.

The Robins School of Business is pursuing interdisciplinary opportunities with other schools or departments of the University and with external constituencies in order to strengthen and deepen the offerings of the business administration major and to develop our students into capable leaders and effective citizens.

Our faculty are actively involved in educating leaders who can contribute to business in a continuously changing global environment.

Our programs are targeted to students at different stages in the development of their careers.

Intellectual Contributions

Scholarly work that provides significant insights into business and economic theories, analysis, practices and policy, as well as interdisciplinary inquiry, are both valuable and consistent with our mission.

The faculty engage in interdisciplinary inquiry, drawing from the various disciplines of the University.

Scholarly work that is innovative and provides significant contribution to instruction in the various disciplines is encouraged.


The faculty of the School of Business play an active role in interacting with their professional, University and community constituencies.

Business and government leaders and alumni are frequently called upon to add relevance to our mission.

We actively encourage professional relationships between departments, with other schools in the University and with other universities and professional organizations.

The faculty share knowledge with the business community through work assignments, seminars, internships, research and involvement in community service organizations.

The faculty of the Robins School of Business are also engaged in activities that will shape the future of the School and the University

Undergraduate Business Administration

Robins School of Business
102 UR Drive
University of Richmond, VA 23173

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Business Programs
Joyce van der Laan Smith, Ph.D.
RSB 107
(804) 287-6811  

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