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An economic way of thinking is valuable in many fields of interest to our students. Some economics majors pursue a Ph.D. in economics while others pursue graduate work in business or law. Students in this major pursue various career paths after graduation, including management consulting, financial services, forecasting, and insurance.

The curriculum includes course sequences in the core economic theory, business economics, international economics, public policy and quantitative economics, providing additional opportunities for in-depth study within the economics major, minor, or concentration. The senior capstone experience sharpens written and oral communication skills.

However students choose to customize their study of economics, they leave the program with a keen understanding of the global implications of economic activity and policy and a mastery of the analytical and decision-making skills that drive them.

Economics Department Research Focus Statement

Economics Department faculty members work on a wide range of empirical and theoretical issues utilizing state-of-the-art techniques. A major focus of several Economics faculty members is on research that contributes to the frontier of knowledge about how students learn economics most efficiently. In addition, faculty members make contributions to the macroeconomic literature on the impact of uncertainty on the economy, understanding resource allocation, how data revisions affect forecasts and monetary policy, and the determinants of capital flows and trade flow between countries. On the microeconomics side, Economics faculty members work on issues including economics and ethics, policy issues in higher education, and the role of the environment in the economy. Other economists in the department test economic theory using laboratory experiments, examine monopoly power in agriculture and explore the use of exchange-traded funds in financial portfolios. The diversity of topics illustrates the wide-ranging interests of department members.

Economics Department Faculty Members

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Undergraduate Economics

Robins School of Business
102 UR Drive
University of Richmond, VA 23173

Department Chair
Dean Croushore, Ph.D.
(804) 287-1961 

Department Coordinator
Kelley Ranager
RSB 303
(804) 289-8587 

Economics Features

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