Allie Rose

Pastries and Paws

August 22, 2023

Allie Rose can often be found in the kitchen baking for two- and four-legged loved ones.

Allie Rose
Rose with her dog, Asher.

Homemade lemon chicken pasta, strawberry dessert bars, and chickpea sweet potato dog treats are just a few of Allie Rose’s culinary specialties. As founder of Head Tilting Treats and self-proclaimed foodie, Rose can often be found in the kitchen whipping up food for two- and four-legged loved ones.

Rose’s interest in baking began while working in a French patisserie in high school. Without access to a full kitchen in college, she found another passion—dogs. “I built a large clientele while on campus providing dog sitting and walking services,” she said.

Rose found a way to pair her love of food and dogs through a course assignment in the business school. Students were tasked with developing a product idea that would disrupt the market. “I wanted to do something innovative with dog treats and pitched a customizable experience,” she said.

Rose spent the next semester working on her idea through an independent study elective, ideating with faculty and building her brand. “I also had the opportunity to work with a Richmond-based dog treat bakery through the Spider Business Hub,” she said. “I was able to help this business through the project-based experience while simultaneously applying lessons to my own endeavor.”

Her business, Head Tilting Treats, offers customers a customizable experience, offering several combinations of flavors, shapes, and quantities for every dog treat order. “I had the perfect focus group with my dog-walking clients,” she said. But her favorite taste-tester is Asher, her family’s Maltese mix. “Asher isn’t picky, so he loves it all, but his favorite is the chickpea sweet potato mix.”

Head Tilting Treats began online sales in July. Rose plans to focus on growing her customer base in the coming months—between studying for the CPA exam and starting a position with Deloitte as an audit and assurance assistant this fall.

“My experience came full circle when the French patisserie where I worked began stocking Head Tilting Treats,” she said. “It was so cool to see my product on the shelves.” 

“I have learned so much through this journey, and I am excited to continue pairing my interests and professional endeavors in new ways,” Rose said.

Rose will return to Richmond before long to visit her clients and conduct more head-tilting taste tests.