International student finds her place in the web

March 14, 2023

Georgia Davidson, ’24, has wasted no time immersing herself in American culture since arriving as an exchange student in the fall of 2021. Her decision to attend Lancaster University in England, her home country, was largely influenced by the study abroad experience required by the school.

“I had always wanted to go to school in the U.S.,” Davidson shared. As her year-long study abroad program at University of Richmond came to a close, Davidson saw a gateway to becoming a full-time U.S. student and applied to UR.

She quickly found her place on campus in Spider Athletics. As a student manager of the football team, Davidson attends all practices and games, works closely with team staff, coaches, and players, and oversees social media efforts. “Football is my favorite sport, so I really enjoy the work,” she said. “It has given me great experience and developed my professional skills.” Davidson is also a member of the Richmond SpinnURs Dance Team and serves as its marketing officer. 

Davidson on the sidelines of a Richmond football game.

Through her role on the football team, Davidson has had the opportunity to tour much of the country while traveling to games—from Maine and Delaware to North Carolina and California. As a business administration major with a concentration in marketing, she gained additional experience in the field through a marketing management internship with Jigball, Inc., a local sports game startup, during her first semester on campus.

Davidson says she appreciates the unique academic opportunities Richmond provides. “I have so much choice in customizing my classes to develop skills for my future career,” she said. “Along with core and required classes, I have the option to explore courses I’m interested in like Sports Marketing and Ballet. The classes are small, and students are very involved.”

She has also been able to provide a unique perspective as an international student in classes such as ‘All About America’ which she took last year.

With another year on campus, Davidson looks forward to her continued travel with the football team and diving deeper into liberal arts courses before her graduation in 2024. Until then, you can catch her on the sidelines with her fellow SpinnURs dancers!