Christian Beal

Covering his bases, on and off the field

February 14, 2023

Christian Beal knows how to cover his bases, both on and off the field. Beal graduated as a student-athlete from Bates College in 2021 and because of the disruption caused by COVID, had two additional years of NCAA eligibility. When planning his next move, Beal knew he wanted to set himself up for success athletically and professionally. He was drawn to University of Richmond arrived on campus that fall as an outfielder on the men’s baseball team and a graduate student in The Richmond MBA.

Beal said he knew after the first meeting with graduate program staff that it was exactly where he wanted to be. “The academics and professional skill development The Richmond MBA offers are amazing, but I knew the ways that I would grow as a person through the program would be just as impactful,” Beal said. “Baseball wasn’t all I wanted to pursue, and the faculty here would help me figure out my path forward.”

Beal has been playing baseball since he was six years old but has been throwing a ball since age three. “People can underestimate the power of really supportive family members who find joy in watching their children do well,” Beal said. He credits his mom and grandfather with supporting and fueling his passion for the sport over the years.

Beal has also found support on the field with his Richmond teammates and coaching staff and in the classroom among faculty and fellow graduate students. When he came across an opportunity to join the Toronto Blue Jays in a player development role, he took a leap of faith.

“Everyone in my cohort told me to go after my dreams, everyone believed in me,” Beal said. After a month of interviews, he was offered the position. Beal hopes to one day serve as a general manager of a baseball team and this position offers a great start—learning the ins and outs of the program and applying his newly acquired business and data analytics knowledge to help the players succeed. 

Until graduation, Beal still has a baseball season to complete with plans to help the Spiders win the A-10 Championship. “I want to give my all to the program. The joy of celebrations and playing hard with my teammates makes it all worthwhile,” he said. “I am a different player than I was when I came here, and I am proud of the person I have become because of my experience with my teammates and coaches.” 

Beal could also be drafted this summer but knows whatever the outcome, he has set himself up for success and isn’t afraid of a challenge. “I have always believed that I can succeed both athletically and academically. I knew I could do this at Richmond,” he said. “I have a commitment to my sport and a commitment to learn. And my coaches and professors want to make sure I succeed at both. They have given me the resources and flexibility to do so.”