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Shakun Datta Mago

Professor of Economics
Joseph A. Jennings Chair in Business
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    Shakun Mago is the Joseph A. Jennings Chair in Business and Professor of Economics. She received her Ph.D. from Purdue University and works in the area of Industrial Organization, Game Theory, and Experimental Economics. Her research appears in the Experimental Economics, Economic Inquiry, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Southern Economic Journal, and International Review of Economics Education. She is the Co-Editor of the Southern Economic Journal.

  • Selected Publications
    Journal Articles

    "Greed and Fear: Competitive and Charitable Priming in a Threshold Volunteer's Dilemma," (with Jennifer Pate), Economic Inquiry, forthcoming.

    "Communication and Side Payments in a Duopoly with Private Costs: An Experiment," (with Emmanuel Dechenaux), 2019, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 165, 157-184.

    "New Hampshire Effect: Behavior in Sequential and Simultaneous Multi-battle Contests," (with Roman Sheremeta), 2019, Experimental Economics, 22, 325-349.

    "Best-of-five contest: An experiment on Gender Differences" (with Laura Razzolini), 2019, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 162, 164-187.

    "Multi-Battle Contests: An Experimental Study," (with Roman Sheremeta), 2017, Southern Economic Journal, 84, 407-425.

    "Facing your opponents: Social Recognition and Information Feedback in Contests," (with Anya Samek and Roman Sheremeta), 2016, Journal of Conflict Resolution, 60, 459-481.

    "Traffic Congestion: An experimental study of the Downs-Thomson Paradox," (with Emmanuel Dechenaux and Laura Razzolini), 2014, Experimental Economics, Vol. 17, 461-487.

    "Multiplier Effect: A Classroom Exercise," 2014, The American Economist, Vol. 59.

    "Housing Prices and Balance Sheets Effects: A Classroom demonstration," (with Olena Mykhaylova and James Staveley-O'Caroll), 2013, International Review of Economics Education, Vol. 13, 50-66.

    "Best-of-three contest experiments: Strategic vs. Psychological Momentum," (with Roman Sheremeta and Andrew Yates), 2013, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 31, 287-296.

    "A Laboratory Study of Duopoly Price Competition with Patient Buyers," (with Timothy Cason), 2013, Economic Inquiry, Vol. 51, 1123-1141.

    "Costly Buyer Search in Laboratory Markets with Seller Advertising," (with Timothy Cason), 2010, Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol. 58, 424-449.

    "Costly Buyer Search in a Differentiated Products Model: An Experimental Study," 2010, Southern Economic Journal, Vol. 77, 282-312.

    "An Experimental Examination of Competitor-Based Price Guarantees," (with Jennifer Pate), 2009, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol. 70, 340-362.

    "Price Leadership and Firm Size Asymmetry: An Experimental Analysis," (with Emmanuel Dechenaux), 2009, Experimental Economics, Vol. 12, 289-317.

    "An Experimental Study of Price Dispersion in an Optimal Search Model with Advertising," (with Timothy Cason), 2006, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 24, 639-665.

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