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Olivia Aronson

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

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    Olivia Aronson holds a B.S. in Biology with an ecology focus, an MBA with an entrepreneurship focus, and a Ph.D. with a strategic management and entrepreneurship focus from Texas Tech University. She leverages her experience as a field researcher for the American and Australian governments and consultant for engineers, government agencies, and small businesses to create engaging and practical entrepreneurship and strategic management courses at the Robins School of Business. Olivia's research interests lie at the nexus of strategic management, entrepreneurship, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Her current projects include: an empirical examination of the entrepreneurial and institutional antecedents to organizational participation in CSR, a qualitative examination of the tensions and actions experienced by founders and investors within a large whiskey company, and the effect of strategic orientations upon the relationship between CSR and firm financial performance.