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At the Robins School, business isn’t just a subject. It’s what we live and breathe. Our students have their fingers on the pulse of our constantly changing world, but their foundations are in the broad perspectives of the liberal arts. We're the Robins School of Business, and we're open for business enthusiasts.

Open for Business Enthusiasts!

We see a fiber that has been produced for 7,000 years that today accounts for 400,000 U.S. jobs and an annual global production of 25 million tons — and that 39 percent of consumers are wearing right now. Other people see a T-shirt.

Open for Business Enthusiasts!

We see a commodity originating in over 50 countries, with 25 million farmers producing 120 million bags a year that are consumed by 60 percent of the nation, generating $90 billion. Other people see a cup of coffee.

Open for Business Enthusiasts!
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of all Robins School of Business undergraduates study abroad
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Faculty & Staff Highlights

  • Thompson named assistant dean

    Laura Thompson has been named assistant dean of undergraduate student services at the Robins School.

  • Piazza named Executive Education director

    Bob Piazza has been named director of Executive Education at the Robins School.

  • Monks named associate dean

    Jim Monks has been named associate dean of undergraduate business programs at the Robins School.

  • Fishe awarded Quality of Research Discovery Award

    Pat Fishe, professor of finance, won the Board of the European Association of Agricultural Economists Quality of Reaserch Discovery Award for his paper "Hedging and speculative trading in agricultural futures markets"

  • Cohen receives Kauffman Foundation Grant

    Susan Cohen, assistant professor of management, received a grant from the Kauffman Foundation for her research on accelerators. 

  • Jonathan Wight's book selected as a 2016 Outstanding Academic Title

    Ethics in Economics has been selected as a 2016 Outstanding Academic Title by Choice (Association of College and Research Libraries).

  • 'In My Shoes' column printed in RTD

    SPCS and Robins School of Business adjunct professor Sara Hillgrove published an “In My Shoes” column titled What’s in It for Me? about the value of community service in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

  • Cohen in Harvard Business Review

    Management professor Susan Cohen wrote a Harvard Business Review article, "The Top 20 Start-Up Accelerators in the U.S."

  • Carlson in Journal of Advertising

    Marketing professor Jeffrey Carlson published "I Eat Organic for My Benefit and Yours" in Journal of Advertising.

  • Cohen featured in Forbes

    Management professor Susan Cohen's Seed Accelerator Rankings Project was featured in Forbes.


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The Robins School of Business hosts two signature speaker series designed to bring together students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members for conversations on current business issues.