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Networking Organizations and Associations

We want to help you further integrate into the Richmond business community by developing and cultivating external relationships for your benefit. We appreciate having an early understanding of your interests and career goals, as this helps us think about the ways to connect you with the people or programs that can aid in reaching your objectives.

Apart from the networking opportunities provided through the MBA Dinner Series, the MBA Mentorship Program, and the MBA Professional Development and Career Explorations programs, The Richmond MBA helps you build networks through personal introductions and engagement with area associations and organizations. 

Some notable groups in which students participate include:

The vibe:  Friendly and diverse

ChamberRVA is a group we recommend to all students as it has a highly respected reputation and is focused generally on business in Richmond and not niche industries. Their HYPE – Helping Young Professionals Engage – organization is very active and a great place for young business professionals to connect and learn. 

Bonus/Caveat: Name recognition, broad scope

Association for Corporate Growth (ACG Richmond)
The vibe: Formal and welcoming

ACG members and their guests enjoy a Breakfast Series every few months featuring regional and global leaders discussing their organizations – history, mission, accomplishments, and current challenges. ACG attracts members that are interested in mergers and acquisitions, business strategy, and deal making. The group is also very education-friendly and does a lot of work with Richmond colleges and universities. For example, the ACG Cup is a case study competition designed to give students from leading MBA programs real world experience and invaluable insights into mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, financial advisory, and private equity.

Bonus/Caveat:  ACG is a global organization; the local chapter consists of a balanced group of corporate professionals and service providers.

Venture Forum RVA
The vibe: Entrepreneurial, fun, and diverse crowd

The Richmond Venture Forum has quarterly luncheons focused on speakers discussing entrepreneurial topics. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you would benefit from attending Venture Forum meetings. The group also has a casual social event called Venture Out that meets periodically at different fun places around Richmond. Two of their signature events are Richmond Companies to Watch and the Virginia Venture Summit.

Bonus/Caveat: Strong promotion of entrepreneurship and the funding of entrepreneurial ventures. Great source for Capstones Projects! 

American Marketing Association - The Richmond Chapter (AMA)
The vibe: Approachable and friendly, always recruiting new members

Like the Chamber, the AMA events attract a diverse group of people. It is an industry-specific organization, and their gatherings are always focused on an aspect of marketing or branding strategies and trends. All businesses need marketing and branding, so students are exposed to many different companies at the AMA meetings. They are an easy organization for MBA students and alumni to join as the Richmond Chapter meets on campus in the Jepson Alumni Center. They come together for monthly luncheons showcasing an industry expert presenter.

Bonus/Caveat: The Robins School is very engaged with the AMA.  Great student rate!


YNPN RVA cultivates a community of future nonprofit leaders through networking and professional development opportunities that build on individual strengths and talents.  We envision a rising generation of diverse, empowered, and highly engaged nonprofit leaders that will work collaboratively to strengthen our sector, and in turn, the Richmond region.

Urban League 

Urban League of Greater Richmond Young Professionals (Richmond YP) is a volunteer auxiliary that targets young professionals ages 21-45 to empower their communities and change lives through the Urban League Movement. 

Every industry has some sort of association with which students can connect. If technology is your forte, try RVATech. Aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women, might explore The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), which is very active in Richmond. The National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) is also a great group. For those involved in retail, check out the Retail Merchants (RMA). There are literally hundreds of networking groups in Richmond. Look for groups that match your career and/or social interests. 

As most of these organizations value student engagement, students and alumni are encouraged to reach out to Debbie Fisher for support or recommendations on how to get involved. 

You are encouraged to let us know about any networking groups or associations whose events you may want to attend. Networking and external professional development is extremely important and a complement to your classroom and work experiences. Along with being involved with business networking organizations, volunteering for non-profit organizations like Junior Achievement, serving on boards, and participating with groups like the Rotary Club of Richmond are extremely valuable in building networks and in helping our community.