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Main Office
(804) 289-8550

MickeyQuinones Mickey Quiñones
(804) 289-8549
Joyce Joyce van der Laan Smith
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Business Programs 
(804) 287-6811
Laura Thompson Laura Thompson
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Student Services
(804) 289-8730
Tom Cosse Tom Cosse
Associate Dean, International Business Programs
804) 289-8572
Mina Fuentes Mina Zatelli
Assistant to the Dean
(804) 289-8549
Marjorie Banister Marjorie Banister
Administrative Coordinator
(804) 289-8550
Durant Dan Durant
Director of Budget and Operations
(804) 287-6421 

The Richmond MBA

(804) 289-8553

Boulger Rich Boulger
Associate Dean 
(804) 289-8593
Debbie Fisher Debbie Fisher
Associate Director 
(804) 289-8012
Ennis Amanda Ennis
Program Manager
(804) 289-8939

Executive Education

(804) 289-8019

lupp Deborah Lupp
Program Manager
(804) 289-8017

Media Contacts

Kourtney Ennis, Marketing & Communications Manager
(804) 287-6448

Staff from University Communications' Media and Public Relations Office can also assist members of the press.

Faculty Experts
Robins School of Business, University of Richmond
With over 50 full-time faculty members, the Robins School has faculty with expertise on numerous business topics. Professors may be contacted directly by phone or email.

Robins School of Business

Robins School of Business
102 UR Drive
University of Richmond, VA  23173
(804) 289-8550