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A Full MBA combines world-class academics with extensive professional development.

The Richmond MBA offers a world-class education in a close-knit cohort with vast networking opportunities and face-to-face collaboration. 

World-class academics

  • Accredited by AACSB and ranked #35 by U.S. News & World Report
  • Courses taught by faculty who bring research and industry experience to the classroom
  • Develops your ability to address strategic challenges
  • Encourages critical discussions with experienced classmates in a small class size (average of 17 students/section)

Designed for working professionals

  • Complete the entire program in two years with only two evenings/week
  • Evening classes allow you to impact your career while still in the program
  • Learn it tonight, apply it tomorrow = immediate R.O.I
  • No weekends or out-of-town travel
  • Extensive networking and 20+ professional development programs each year
  • Unique programs designed to connect you with CEOs, thought leaders, and alumni
  • Career coaching and mentor program

There are many reasons to get a Richmond MBA. What's yours?

I want to switch careers.

The Wall Street Journal reports that 75 percent of graduate students switch careers, and can double their salary by doing so. Recent Richmond MBA alumni have switched from law to organizational strategy, librarian or teacher to finance, and sports broadcasting to investment banking. Many students take jobs with their Capstone Project companies (read Duncan Pitchford's story). We guarantee that you will be exposed to fascinating people, companies, industries, and new opportunities while you are in The Richmond MBA program, and that we are here to support you as you work towards a new career.

I want to advance in my career.

Many of our students want to stay with their current employer after graduation, so are looking to advance in their career without changing companies or industries. Frequently, higher-level jobs are ‘MBA required’ or 'MBA preferred,’ because the MBA helps you understand all the different areas of the organization and how they work together to deliver results. One current student had applied for a job several times, but was not considered until he listed ‘MBA candidate’ on his resume. He not only got the job, but was also promoted, and is now looking for his second promotion, all while still in the program. Another student was promoted to a new senior strategy role over more experienced colleagues because she combined excellent engineering skills with broader organizational understanding and leadership.

Others want to advance their career with a new employer. Recent alumni have pursued new opportunities around the country with firms such as Accenture, Amazon, Boston Consulting Group, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, and LinkedIn. 

I want to increase my salary.

MBA students are trained to create value for their organizations. The Richmond MBA is designed to help you acquire new skills that you can apply on the job the next day. One student negotiated $20,000 in raises while in the program. She says that the Negotiations class helped, but she was able to demonstrate results that highlighted the new value she brought to her organization as a result of her graduate education. 

I want to explore new opportunities.

Because of the cross-functional and strategic emphasis of the degree, MBA students are expected to become leaders in their organizations. After joining the program, one student was assigned to a new organization-wide project that gave him visibility with senior leaders. Another student saw an opportunity to make an impact in a different area of his company and pursued it with a Capstone Project. After presenting his final recommendation, he was transferred to the division and became a leader on the project. 

I want to start my own business.

Richmond MBAs have started their own businesses while in the program (read this Forbes article on Heidi Drauschak, GB‘19), and after graduation (read this article on Ben Eubanks, GB’13). Our courses in Entrepreneurship, Negotiations, and Innovation complement the core courses in Marketing, Finance, and Accounting to help students understand how to turn their ideas into profitable and impactful ventures. Students who are interested in entrepreneurship can be paired with entrepreneurs as mentors, and can connect with the RVA entrepreneurial community through networking events such as those at The Venture Forum. MBA students also participate in University of Richmond's annual Business Pitch Competition. See this article on Amber Answine’s (GB’18) idea for cashless, secure hospitality tipping.  

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