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The Princeton Review captured it well when they said, “Discussion is at the heart and soul of The Richmond MBA.” Pass by a classroom of our MBA students, and you’ll likely witness dynamic interchange between everyone present. Here, professionals hone their strategic thinking capabilities, develop advanced business skills, and work alongside collaborative peers, in a high-energy program where students can “learn it tonight and apply it tomorrow.”

The Richmond MBA is designed for working professionals. You can continue working full time and complete the program in two years.

Our program includes many of the elements found in programs suited for executives with the added benefits of no long-distance travel and no weekend classes. The Richmond MBA provides a team-based cohort environment filled with networking opportunities and rich conversation with decision-makers from top companies.

The Richmond MBA requires students to complete 45 credit hours, which is accomplished in 24 months.

Summary of Curriculum

8 courses of 3 credits each:

(1) Accounting, (2) Finance, (3) Marketing, (4) Operations, (5) Economics,

(6) Business Analytics, (7) International Residency, (8) Strategy

9 courses of 2 credits each:

(1) Opening Residency, (2) Statistics, (3) Organizational Behavior,

(4) Business Ethics, (5) Business Communication

3 courses of 1 credit each:

The Capstone Project is divided into three parts, for which students earn 1 credit each.

4 elective courses of 2 or 3 credits each:

(1) Business Analytics: Data Visualization, Applied Statistics, Digital Data Analytics
(2) Leadership: Leading Change, The Young Leader, Leadership Foresight
(3) Finance: Investments, Financial Modeling
(4) General Electives: Negotiations, Innovation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Entrepreneurship, Disruptive Technologies, Data Visualization, Leading Change, Agile Development/Project Management

Based on student demand, new electives are always being added, so please contact our office for information on the upcoming slate of electives.

The Richmond MBA

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