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Faculty: Richard Coughlan

Whether you are involved in formal negotiations or simply looking to improve your success in influencing others, this interactive series of online workshops is designed for you. Richard Coughlan combines his practical experiences with recent research to highlight the factors that separate successful negotiators from others. Using group discussion and role-play exercises, you will learn to approach negotiations with a structured plan that boosts confidence and provides multiple paths to success.

You may register for one, some, or all of these workshops. Registration for each class closes one week prior to the class date.

Successful Negotiations I: Adopting the Right Mindset & Strategic Approaches

This class meets over two sessions—Tuesday, June 16 and Thursday, June 18. Both sessions meet from 1 - 4 p.m. EDT. Price: $695

Improving as a negotiator begins with a small change in your approach. In this session, we will explore the psychology of negotiation and provide tools for adopting the right mindset as you head into future negotiations.

We will also focus on ten questions you ought to answer before the negotiation begins. Adequate preparation can be tied to creativity and improved outcomes.

Successful Negotiations II: Structuring Trade-Offs & Closing the Deal

This class meets over two sessions—Tuesday, June 23 and Thursday, June 25. Both sessions meet from 1 - 4 p.m. EDT. Price: $695

In this session, you will learn how to package offers in a way that maximizes the value you receive while acknowledging the need to make occasional concessions to the other party.

Also, because a great deal of value can be gained or lost in the final stages of a negotiation, we will focus on closing the deal in a manner that leaves you satisfied with the outcome while at the same time maintaining or enhancing your relationship with other parties.

Advanced Negotiations I: Dealing with Multiple Parties and Overcoming Power Differences

This class meets over two sessions—Tuesday, July 14 and Thursday, July 16. Both sessions meet from 1 - 4 p.m. EDT. Price: $695

Many negotiations involve more than two parties. In this session, we will focus on the complexities involved in multiparty negotiations. This includes team negotiations and those involving three or four parties representing their individual interests.

Occasionally, negotiators find themselves facing off with more powerful negotiators. In this session, learn how to overcome power differences that arise in negotiations.

Advanced Negotiations II: Handling Internal Negotiations and Managing Buyer/Supplier Relationships

This class meets over two sessions—Tuesday, July 21 and Thursday, July 23. Both sessions meet from 1 - 4 p.m. EDT. Price: $695

The principles underlying negotiations with peers have many similarities to those we discussed in the Successful Negotiations series. However, important differences also exist and we will explore them in this session.

Buyers and suppliers are engaged in repeated negotiations that require a long-term focus. In this session, learn how to manage those relationships more effectively.

Course Bundle Pricing

If you register for all four courses, the price is $2,200. This equals a $580 savings over individual course prices.


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