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International Application for Admission to the Master of Business Administration Program

Applicants must meet the specified admission requirements to be eligible for admission to one of the programs offered by the Robins School of Business. However, meeting these requirements does not ensure acceptance. Acceptance is determined by the Director of the Reynolds Graduate School of Business in consultation with the Robins School's Graduate Council. Equal opportunity for admission is assured to all applicants subject to qualifications, space and class-size limitations.

Copy of Visa and Passport

For all international applicants, please submit a copy of your visa and passport along with the other required documents.


Email your résumé that includes your Social Security number to Tara Stewart, program coordinator, director of The Richmond MBA. 

Online Application

*Session for which you are seeking admission:

Fall 2017 (classes begin in August) 

Spring 2018 (classes begin in January)

*Program to which you are applying (check one only):

Part-time MBA JD/MBA

Personal Information

*First Name:

*Middle Name (or N/A):   

*Last Name:   

*Maiden Name (or N/A):   

*Date of Birth:




*Country of Citizenship:

Type of U.S. Visa (if any):

*Have you taken the TOEFL exam?:

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Date taken:




*Have you had undergraduate transcripts evaluated by Global Credential Evaluators or another credentialing agency?:

Yes No 

*Did you request a copy be mailed to University of Richmond's MBA Office?:

Yes No 

Note: undergraduate degrees obtained outside the U.S. must be evaluated by a credentialing agency (


Female Male Other

*Ethnic Group:


American Indian/Alaska Native


Black or African American



*Email Address:

*Home Address:


City, State

Zip Code

*Phone (including area code):

*Is this a cell phone?

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Professional Information:


*Job Title

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Street City, State Zip Code

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Academic Information:

*List all colleges and universities attended, dates of attendance, degrees earned and dates conferred:

Institution Name Degree Major

Date of Degree
Conferral (Month/Year)

List all professional certifications you have earned (e.g., CPA, CLU, CMA, etc.):

NOTE: Have official GMAT score report sent directly from the test center to The Richmond MBA, Robins School of Business.

I have taken the GMAT: 

Month Day Year

I am scheduled to take the GMAT: 

Month Day Year

I am not scheduled to take the GMAT.

*I am currently in a GMAT prep course:

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If you have taken the GMAT, did you instruct the test center to forward an official score report to the MBA Program? 

Yes No

Application Fee

The application fee of $50 can be mailed to:

University of Richmond
Robins School of Business
Attn: MBA Office
1 Gateway Road
Richmond, VA 23173

The Richmond MBA

Robins School of Business
1 Gateway Road
University of Richmond, VA 23173
(804) 289-8553

Randle Raggio, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Director, The Richmond MBA
(804) 289-8593

Debbie Fisher
Associate Director
(804) 289-8012

Tara Stewart
Program Coordinator
(804) 289-8939

Nick Minnix
Administrative Coordinator
(804) 289-8553