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Open-Enrollment Programs

We all want to increase our impact and advance our careers. Through regularly offered Executive Education programs, you can acquire new knowledge and skills to act quickly and with confidence in your day-to-day responsibilities, and prepare for those at the next level. Click on the links below for more information and to register.

Virginia Council of CEOs (VACEOs) Sponsored Courses

Specifically designed for VACEO and VA Chamber of Commerce members*

Achieving Results with and through Others

Organizing Your Business for Growth

Strategic Communications

Effective Teams

Strategic Planning

Talent Development and Coaching

Shaping Corporate Culture

Managing Conflict

*When space permits, these courses may be opened to the general public. They can also be customized for your organization.

Core Business Skills

The Mini MBA©️
An intensive 14-week program that provides a practical foundation in current business practices through interactive class sessions, case studies, readings, and problem-solving exercises. Once a week classes are taught by the same faculty who teach in Richmond’s MBA program, making it ideal for professionals wanting to broaden their business acumen and enhance their career potential.

GMAT Prep Course
The GMAT score is a vital aspect of your MBA application, and thorough preparation is critical for success. Come gain the knowledge you need, in a business school environment, to improve your performance on the exam and take the next step on the way to your MBA.

"CORE" Skills for Technical Managers
Forget "soft" skills. Not only are they a core requirement for technical managers, they also are the hardest to master. Learn proven frameworks and approaches for communications, leadership, and teamwork in a technical setting. Perfect for engineers, scientists, analysts, and programmers who have been promoted into management.

Better Business Writing
Your writing is a reflection of your thinking. What does it say about you? Make a better impression and have more impact in your organization by learning how to write for clarity and impact, and how not to be misunderstood. This workshop will improve your letters, emails, texts, and posts. 

Presentation Skills
"Death by PowerPoint" is not your destiny. This workshop will teach you how to develop compelling presentations that have impact.  

Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving
TBD - Doug Bosse

Essential Financial Analysis (a.k.a. Marketing Math)
Even if you had a crystal ball that could perfectly predict the future, it's not enough. Learn what else you need to make better decisions. Understand cost behaviors, cash contribution, breakeven analysis, and customer lifetime value. Perfect for professionals in marketing, new product development, advertising and professional service industries who want to better understand their clients' business and make better proposals.

Financial Statement Analysis
Learn about the common statements that can help you identify problems or trends and make better investment or operating decisions. Income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, along with essential financial ratios will be covered in this interactive workshop.  

The following courses are taught once per week over four (4) weeks from 6-10pm, by the same faculty who teach in The Richmond MBA program. Click on the titles below for program start dates.


Data Analytics

Sales Management & Strategy



Operations Management

Leadership Development

Supervisor Essentials (I & II)
The basic roles and duties of a manager/supervisor include: (1) managing the life-cycle of your employees, from hiring and onboarding to promotion and firing, (2) developing your people for growth, (3) performance feedback and goal-setting, and (4) legal issues and compliance. As you advance, you will need to add (1) communications, including difficult conversations, (2) coaching, and (3) building high-performing teams. These workshops will prepare you to lead your team effectively. (May be taught as separate or combined sessions, and is available customized for universities)

Train the Trainer
Whether you are a seasoned professional in need of a refresher looking for new approaches to deliver your programs, or are new to the field and wanting a strong foundational knowledge in critical training skills, the Train-the-Trainer program will leave your audience praising your training abilities.
Instructor: Dr. Edward Jones. "Dr. Jones is an inspirational trainer who uses his skills and teachings to better his students and ensure our success." - 2015 Course Attendee

General Manager Training
Whether you run a division, SBU, or facility, successful general managers must demonstrate different skills and behaviors than those that got them there. Taught by experienced executives, this workshop will cover the critical areas of finance, strategy, and people leadership required for success.  

Managing Adversity in the Workplace
Management is part sociology, psychology, anthropology, industrial engineering, marketing, economics, coaching, and counseling. Invariably, managers must deal with complex/controversial situations and activites. Learn how to handle such situations with professionalism and authority.

Leadership Presence
Are you undermining your credibility and minimizing your influence because you are not perceived as an organizational leader? Leadership presence can be learned. This workshop will help you avoid the mistakes that keep professionals from advancing in their careers.  

Crucial Conversations
Engaging in productive dialogue amid emotionally-charged opposing points of view when the stakes are high is a high-level communication skill.  Learning how to recognize these situations and navigating them enables one to be a positive influence up, down, and across organizations. This workshop will increase your awareness of what makes conversations challenging, and provide guidance on how to maintain or build relationships while working through conflicts. 

Organizational Excellence

The 3-Step Strategic Plan
Action is not the same as progress. If you’re not following a clear strategic plan, then you may be wasting your time on the wrong activities. Based on extensive consulting experience developing strategic plans for organizations of various sizes, the workshop will walk you through a straightforward 3-step process. You’re not too busy to develop an actionable strategic plan. 

Crisis Management
Every company eventually faces crisis. Is your team ready? You must have a plan in place beforea crisis hits. This workshop will help you organize your team, develop internal and external communications processes, and execute an effective response. (Available customized for universities)

Account Management
TBD - Doug Bosse

Managing Innovation & Change
Innovation doesn't equal "inspiration" and change doesn't have to be reckless. This workshop will help you effectively develop a culture of innovation that embraces change by focusing on the common barriers to change and proven approaches for getting buy-in from your organization.  

Agile Development
Experimentation, rapid prototyping, fast failure, validation hacking. These are the vocabulary of the most innovative companies.  No longer can companies afford to pursue single initiatives and take the time to get it perfect before launch. This workshop will help you revolutionize your development projects by creating systems for testing lots of ideas -- discarding the bad and launching the good.  

Summer Programs (for UR students only)

Summer Business Institute
An intensive two-week program for non-business majors that provides a practical foundation in current business practices through interactive class sessions, case studies and other readings, and problem-solving exercises.

Coding Bootcamp
You may never write a line of code in your life, but every aspect of business is impacted by it. Through hands-on introduction to and activity with the Python coding lanuguage, this workshop will help you understand the logic and mechanisms that drive business operations today.  

1.  Please contact Executive Education for information about discounts for organizations sending 3 or more participants to a single session of one of these open enrollment courses.

2.  All of the above programs can be combined/customized for private training within individual organizations or for specific industries (including universities and other educational institutions).