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Executive Education

Executive Education recognizes the need for training and developing innovative leaders to compete in today’s unpredictable economy, regardless of industry scope or size. We offer a wide range of classes and workshops, consulting and coaching services, and development programs personalized and tailored to the needs of your organization.

Executive Education Programs

Executive Education at the Robins School of Business recognizes the need and value of training and developing innovative leaders, regardless of their industry scope or size. Our programs teach organizations and employees to compete in an unpredictable economy through expanded business acumen, leadership development, and effective project management.

Leadership Boot Camp Project Management Mini MBA

Customized Business Programs

Our dynamic custom programs work within your unique company culture to develop the talents of your employees. Beginning with a comprehensive assessment of your needs, we identify your strengths and isolate opportunities for growth from a professionally administered executive education program.

At the company, department, or workgroup level, our executive education experts develop customized educational programs and strategic advising that target key performance areas and provide a strategy to achieve your critical objectives.

Dialogue on Decision-Making

Today's corporate world requires successful leaders who make strategic decisions based on data and analysis, not gut instinct. Tune in each week to the Dialogue on Decision-Making, where Richard Coughlan, senior associate dean, and Chris Mooney, men's basketball coach, share insights on key decisions made on the court and draw parallels to the world of business.

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