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'Round Robins

The Richmond web reaches far. While we can't be at the place many of us have come to call home, we are still connected by our Spider spirit. As Dean Quiñones said, "Our closest held value at the Robins School is being student-centered. This current situation will challenge our ingenuity, adaptability, and cooperative spirit as we seek to live out this value in new ways."

In light of this new situation, the Robins School hopes to provide resources and informaiton to help you navigate these uncharted waters. Revisit this page for weekly updates.

For Your Education

Kevin Cruz and Tom Mattson, assistant professors of management, examine team dynamics and information systems in their research. In the past week, group project assignments, student-led organizations, and professional responsibilities have quickly transitioned to being conducted through online channels. 

Here, they offer a few resources that provide guidance to virtual learning, communicating, and leading. 

For Your Thoughts

Scott Kelly, retired NASA astronaut who commanded the International Space Station for a year, shared advice on coping with isolation in this New York Times opinion piece

Find UR's Office of the Chaplaincy on Facebook for opportunities for connection and reflection. 

Worried about losing daily interactions from friends and coworkers? HBR offers some tips to combat lonliness and maintain productivity.

Check out these Cleaning Playlists on Pandora for when you're keeping those spaces tidy and yourself healthy!