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R–Business Learning Community

In partnership with the Robins School of Business, first-year students are able to join a non-residential, learning community that will explore the many facets of today’s business world.

R–Business will explore all concentration areas, including accounting, finance, economics, marketing, management, and international business. As Richmond students are not allowed to declare a major in business until after their first year, R–Business will show and help prepare students for the many aspects and opportunities that the nationally ranked Robins School has to offer. Through interactive programs, lectures, and events designed to support and develop necessary business skills, members of R–Business will be exposed to an outstanding precursor to their chosen path in the business world at Richmond and beyond.

Participants will not only be able to interact with other motivated business-minded students, but will also have the advantage of direct connections to members of the Robins School faculty.

R–Business differs from living-learning communities, because students will be able to live in any first-year residence hall while enjoying the benefits of this one of a kind program at Richmond. The program has room for 30 students. The application process will open summer 2019.

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Staff: Laura Thompson, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Student Services 

Faculty: Shakun Mago, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics