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Tutoring for Select Pre-Business Courses

As new Spiders transition to college and begin on a pre-business path, they can find extra assistance from peer tutors available. The Academic Skills Center provides University tutoring resources for many courses on campus as well as academic skills coaching. Additionally, the University employs course mentors for some of the most in-demand courses.

Course Mentors are upper-class students identified by the Robins School and hired by the Academic Skills Center to provide tutoring to students ACCT 201 Financial Accounting, ECON 101 Principles of Microeconomics, and BUAD 202 Business Statistics. These mentors differ from other tutoring in that each mentor is paired with a particular section/professor of each course. The goal is that paired course mentors bring a better understanding of the course content and individual teaching style. Students will be able to meet with their course mentor in RSB 205 and 207 on Sunday - Thursday evenings.