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Instructor in Marketing
(804) 662-3164
Advertising, Digital Marketing, Branding
Publishing, Sales Management
Assistant Professor of Marketing
(804) 287-1852
Salesforce Management
Advertising Effects
Marketing Strategy
Associate Dean for International Business Programs
Professor of Marketing and International Business Studies
(804) 289-8572
International Market Planning
Assistant Professor of Marketing
(804) 289-1776
Online Communities
Digital & Social Media Marketing
Social Influence
Service Failure & Recovery
Department Chair, Marketing
The F. Carlyle Tiller Chair in Business
Professor of Marketing
(804) 287-1880
Retailing and Pricing
Impact of Internet on Consumer Behavior
Compulsive Consumer Behavior
Market Research and Analysis
Professor of Marketing
(804) 289-8586
Marketing Research
International Marketing
Associate Professor of Marketing
(804) 289-8960
Brand Management
Customer Relationship Management
Entrepreneurial Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Lecturer of Marketing
(804) 662-3043
Customer Centricity
Market Segmentation
Marketing Strategy
Sales Effectiveness
Associate Dean
Director, The Richmond MBA
Associate Professor of Marketing
(804) 289-8593
Brand Equity Theory and Measurement
Brand Authenticity
Marketing Strategy
Gratitude in Marketing
Professor of Marketing
(804) 287-6311
Compulsive Consumers
Consumer Behavior
Integrated Marketing Communication
Search Behavior
Robins School of Business

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