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Before declaring a Robins School of Business major or Business minor, undergraduate students must complete at least 12 units including MATH 211 & ECON 101 & ACCT 201 as well as earn at least a 2.7+ cumulative grade point average and pass with an 80% or better the Excel Competency Exam.  The exam is offered multiples times during the academic year and students have three attempts to pass the exam. For students planning to declare a major at the start of their sophomore year, they must pass the exam prior to the end of their first year. For students planning to declare at the start of their sophomore spring semester, they must pass the exam prior to the end of December of their sophomore year. For student planning to declare at the end of their sophomore year, they must pass the exam prior to May of their sophomore year. University policy requires that a student wishing to declare a Robins School major or Business minor must declare no later than the start of their junior year. Click to sign up to take the exam.

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The competency exam is conducted through SAM (a Cengage platform). To take the exam you will need to create a SAM account. Once you have registered using the signup link above you will receive an email with an 18 Digit Key Code specific to the exam. You will then be able to follow the instructions on this website to create and set up your SAM account. 

“Passing the Excel Exam while in my first year of study at UR was an important step in my journey of better understanding the impact of data both in and out of the classroom. It is a great launching point for my continued studies in the RSB and my future career in the financial sector.”  Elizabeth Cappucci, '22, Accounting major with an Economics concentration

"It was so beneficial studying for and passing the Excel exam early my freshman year because it allowed me to develop the necessary skill set to secure my internship for the summer. Being able to say I passed the University of Richmond Excel Competency Exam definitely acted as a differential on my resume when companies compared it to other candidates. Furthermore, it allowed me to declare my major relatively ahead of schedule opening up more opportunities on SpiderConnect and getting me more access to business school amenities with things like being assigned a faculty advisor in the business school." Mihir Shroff, '22, Business Administration major with a Finance concentration