Dual Diploma Program

Students concentrating in international business may apply for the Robins School of Business - NEOMA Business School Rouen Campus dual diploma program. Through this program Robins School students can earn the NEOMA Business School Rouen Campus bachelor diploma and the Robins School degree. This program is fully approved by the French Ministry of Education.

Robins School students must fulfill the following requirements to be a candidate for the NEOMA bachelor diploma:

  1. The student must successfully complete the 3rd year of NEOMA's program (60 ECTS credits), pursuant to the Rules and Regulations and Marking System approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education, except the French students' second language course (Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese) shall be replaced by an equal number of course hours in French language, culture and/or civilization.
  2. A four month work placement approved by NEOMA must be successfully completed. Within three months of completing the placement, the student must prepare a written work placement report in either English or French.
  3. The student also must complete a research project and report in accordance with the rules established by the Head of Pedagogy at NEOMA Business School Rouen Campus. The subject matter, project proposal and project plan are to be decided by the student and approved by the Head of Pedagogy.
  4. The NEOMA bachelor diploma will be awarded after the student has completed all NEOMA Business School Rouend Campus requirements and has been awarded the Robins School of Business degree with a concentration in international business.

International business students interested in double diploma program should contact Dr. Thomas J. Cossé, Associate Dean for International Business Programs.