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Considered one of the nation's top undergraduate business schools, the highly regarded faculty and high-tech facilities of the Robins School of Business are matched by its cutting edge academic programs - at once challenging and engaging, intensive and comprehensive.

Rooted in the liberal arts and built on core curriculum exploring each of the functional areas of business, the programs of the Robins School of Business offer students an uncommon breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and experience that have combined to establish the Robins School of Business as one of the top undergraduate business schools.

Students may declare a major in business administration, economics or accounting after successfully completing at least one year of study in the School of Arts and Sciences. Students may have only one major in the school of business, chosen from accounting, business administration or economics. A concentration(s) may be attached to any of these majors but is only required for the business administration major. Concentrations include accounting, finance, economics, marketing, management and international business.

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