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The accounting department at the University of Richmond is well known throughout the country for producing especially high quality graduates each year. After receiving an accounting degree from the University, many of our students pursue positions with international public accounting firms, major corporations, not-for-profit entities or local businesses. Some students attend graduate school in business, law or the liberal arts.

While pursuing an accounting degree at the University of Richmond, students are taught to understand accounting and its many complexities rather than being forced to memorize purely mechanical procedures. The entire accounting program stresses the theory behind accounting so that graduates will have the basis of knowledge to begin a lifelong career.


To be a top choice undergraduate accounting program for students and employers.


Combine superior instruction with intellectual inquiry to prepare liberally educated leaders of the global accounting profession.

Teaching Focus

The accounting department attempts to work with each student as a unique individual. Class sizes are small and interactions between faculty and students are commonplace. Scores on the CPA exam have been consistently excellent over the past 15 years with many former students passing the entire exam on their first attempt. The accounting department seeks to graduate individuals who can enter the business world with the critical analysis skills necessary for success.

Research Focus

The main areas of research focus of the accounting department are: 1) empirically exploring financial reporting issues in U.S. and non-U.S. settings, and 2) education/pedagogical research and case writing.

Undergraduate Accounting

Robins School of Business
102 UR Drive
University of Richmond, VA 23173

Department Chair
Valaria Vendrzyk, Ph.D.
RSB 354
(804) 287-1832 

Department Coordinator
Lori Cates
RSB 305
(804) 287-1858 

Accounting Features

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