Course Approval FAQs

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  • Where can I obtain a Study Abroad Course Approval Form?

    Forms are available in the Center for International Business Programs suite, Q291 or at Study Abroad Course Approval Form for the Robins School of Business.

  • How do I complete the form?

    Fill out the top portion of the form. Fill out the bottom section of the form marked "Course information section to be completed by the student." List the subject, number, and title as listed in the catalog from the abroad school you will be attending. Do not write in the section marked "This section is completed by Fae Bell." Detailed instructions can be found on page 2 of the form.

  • Who signs the bottom of the form?

    The applicant and Fae Bell will sign and date the bottom of the course approval form for business and economics courses.

  • Do I need to turn in anything in addition to the form?

    Yes. For each course you list on your form, attach a course description. Usually, course descriptions can be downloaded from the abroad school’s website. For each course description, write the Robins School of Business course equivalent beside its title for which you would like to receive transfer credit. Fae Bell will review the course description to determine if it will transfer, and if so, to which RSB subject.

    Students studying at many RSB partner universities will be sent a list of the partner school’s course offerings with their RSB course equivalents. If, prior to course registration at your abroad school, you receive a list from the RSB IB programs office showing how the courses will transfer it means the courses have been pre-approved by Fae Bell and course descriptions are not necessary when you submit your course approval form.

  • What if I can’t find a course description for a particular course on the abroad school website?

    Contact the International Education office (IE) advisor for the country/region in which your abroad school is located. If he/she is unable to help you locate a course description, contact Fae Bell ( in the Business School.

  • How do I obtain approvals for the courses I list on my form?

    Course approvals for business and economics courses must be obtained from Fae Bell. Approvals for courses in other fields should be listed on a separate form for non-business courses, and approvals are obtained from the appropriate chair in the School of Arts and Sciences or the Jepson School of Leadership Studies.

  • How many courses can I enroll in while studying abroad?

    Students must enroll in the equivalent of at least 3.5 units of coursework, but no more than the equivalent of 5.5 units. Go to the International Education brochure page for the host school in Gateway Abroad to see credit conversions.

  • What grade must I obtain in order to receive transfer credit?

    A grade equivalent to "C" or better is required for a course to be accepted for transfer. Note that only the units, not the grades, are transferred. Go to the IE brochure page for the host school in Gateway Abroad to see grade conversions.

  • How many business courses can I take while studying abroad?

    You are not limited to the number of business courses you can take while abroad as long as you do not exceed the 5.5 unit maximum.

  • Are there any restrictions on business courses I can take abroad?


    1. You may take no more than two elective courses in ACCT, ECON, IBUS, INFO, MGMT, MKT. For example, you may take no more than two marketing electives or no more than two management electives while studying abroad. Finance concentrators are limited to transferring only one finance elective from study abroad.

    2. You may take no more than two Robins School Core Course equivalents.

    3. You may not take BUAD 497 Strategic Management or IBUS 411 International Business Strategy while abroad.

    Additional restrictions apply. See Course Requirements and Transfer Policies

  • What are the Robins School core courses I can take abroad?

    BUAD 393 Business Law, BUAD 394 Business Ethics, FIN 360 Principles of Finance (if not concentrating in Finance), MKT 320 Principles of Marketing, MGMT 330 Organizational Behavior, and MGMT 340 Operations Management.

  • What are the course restrictions for accounting courses abroad?

    Students majoring in Accounting will not receive abroad transfer credit for the following: ACCT 301 Intermediate Financial Accounting I, ACCT 302 Intermediate Financial Accounting II, ACCT 307 Accounting Information Systems, ACCT 311 Advanced Accounting, ACCT 312 Federal Taxation, ACCT 417 Auditing, and ACCT 431 Advanced Financial Accounting. Accounting majors may take ACCT 305 Cost and Managerial Accounting for transfer credit if the course equivalent is offered at an abroad partner university.

  • Are there additional course requirements I should be aware of for study abroad?

    Yes. Robins School students studying in a country where the native language is not English are required to complete the host-school’s pre-semester language course, or a regular semester language course, or a course in any subject in which the language of instruction is the local language — whether offered for credit or not.

  • Are courses taught in English?

    Most partner schools offer courses in English. Consult with Fae Bell for exceptions.

  • Is it okay to take a course abroad in a field for which there is no equivalent at UR?

    Yes. You should include a note when you turn in your form stating you do not wish to have the course transfer as a UR course. You will receive unit credit if you receive a C or better in the course.

  • Is it okay to take a course abroad for which there is no equivalent in the Robins School of Business?

    Yes. For example if a partner school offers a marketing course such as B to B Marketing which is not taught by the Robins School, you can still receive elective credit for the course. Courses will be coded using a 900 numbering scheme. For instance if B to B Marketing is equivalent to a 300 level marketing elective it will be coded 903. Courses coded 902, 903, and 904 will transfer as 200, 300, and 400 level electives, repectively, and will count toward a concentration.

  • Where do I send my completed Study Abroad Course Approval Form?

    Completed forms should be turned in to Fae Bell, International Business Programs Coordinator, Robins School room Q291B or emailed to Fae Bell. If students still need to receive a list of RSB course equivalents from the RSB International Business Programs office for course offerings at their abroad school, they should submit course descriptions for each course listed on their form.

  • How will I know if my courses have been approved?

    A copy of your completed form with RSB course equivalents and approvals will be emailed to you. The International Business Programs office will forward the original to the Registrar’s office. They will file your form until your transcript from your abroad school is received and then will compare your approval form to your study abroad transcript and apply credit for all courses in which you earned a grade of C or better.

  • What if, after arriving at my study abroad school, I am unable to register for classes for which I have received pre-approval?
    It is possible that once you arrive overseas and begin the registration process for your classes, a particular course for which you have received pre-approval may not be offered for the semester you will be studying abroad, or you may change your mind and decide you would rather take a different class. Unless you received a list of RSB course equivalents for your abroad school, you should email Fae Bell and provide him with the course subject, number, title, and course description. Fae Bell will respond via email to let you know how the course will transfer to Richmond. Retain copies of all email correspondence.
  • Once I return home, how do I ensure that the courses I took abroad transferred to University of Richmond correctly?

    All courses for which you received pre-approvals will appear on your UR transcript once the Registrar’s Office has received your transcript from your study abroad school. You should check BannerWeb periodically for your transfer credits. If your BannerWeb transcript shows courses taken abroad coded 999, 998, 997, etc., your transcript has been received, but the Registrar still needs an RSB course approval form on file for you. You must complete and submit the form to Fae Bell in the Center for International Business Program to review and approve.