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MBA Leadership Council

The MBA Leadership Council’s mission is to increase communication between faculty and students, enhance the learning experience through after class activities, and to provide networking opportunities for MBA students and alumni.

The Council works with faculty to communicate and resolve issues and to promote the positive. They also work closely with faculty leadership to proactively resolve potential dilemmas. They encourage student participation and camaraderie through social activities coordinated and mostly funded by the MBA Leadership Council. Like the University of Richmond, the council is dedicated to improving the community in which we live. They have arranged food drives and have volunteered to work in the distribution center for “Angel Tree.”

The council believes that the MBA Leadership Council not only offers students a chance to grow professionally and socially, but that it is a tool by which the educational experience is enhanced through close communication with faculty leaders.  If you are interested in joining the MBA Leadership Council, have a question, idea, concern, or just want more information, please contact us at (804) 289-8553.

Council Officers

Officers shall be students who are in their second to fifth year of the MBA program. Officers are elected annually by the current MBA student body. The term is limited to one year and he or she should be enrolled in the school through the end of the summer during the year their term expires. If the student is finishing his or her education prior to the installation of the new officer, he or she must be willing to fulfill all duties until said installation occurs.

The President will serve as the primary spokesperson for the council, will chair meetings, have the power to call emergency meetings with adequate notice, and delegate tasks as needed. The President shall have one vote, except as noted in Article IV. The president is required to attend monthly meetings of the Executive Advisory Council for The Robins School of Business, the monthly Dean's Student Advisory Luncheon and the monthly President's Student Advisory Council. These meetings can be delegated to the Vice-President or MBA Women's Chair when the President is unable to attend. Attendance at these meetings is critical to ensure the voice of the MBA program is heard. 

The Vice President shall fulfill the duties of the President in the absence of the President, assist the President in the executions of their duties and become the President in the absence or removal of the President. The Vice President shall have one vote.

The MBA Women’s Co-Chairs shall be two female MBA students meeting the aforementioned officer qualifications who are responsible for helping to empower women to thrive academically, socially and professionally for long-term success. The MBA Women’s Co-Chairs shall have one vote each.

The Marketing & Events Chair is responsible for event marketing and coordination and will serve as the point-of-contact for events. This officer will receive support from the MBA Administrative Coordinator with regards to vendor payments, reimbursements, and mass communications to the Robins School of Business faculty/staff, MBA alumni, and/or current MBA students. All events and budgets must be approved in advance by the Director of Richard S. Reynolds Graduate School of Business and follow University guidelines. The Marketing & Events Chair shall have one vote. 

2019-20 Officers

McQuiddy Scott McQuiddy, President, 
Gaetano Mike Gaetano, Vice President,  
Howell Megan Howell, Women's Co-chair, 
Steadman Caroline Steadman, Women's Co-chair, 
Croce Craig Croce, Events & Marketing Chair,