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Mentorship Program: Mentor Information and Application

The Richmond MBA Program offers a career guidance mentoring program.  The Mentorship Program is for MBA students and alumni interested in partnering with a local business leader to gain advice, encouragement, and insights into their career aspirations and to help them grow in their desired business fields. 

The MBA students will register for the program, which includes submitting an application, statement of interest, and resume. 

Debbie Fisher, Associate Director of the MBA Program, will use this information to match prospective mentees with mentors. 

MBA students are introduced to their mentor match at the Mentorship Program Introductory Reception or through a virtual introduction. Mentees and mentors meet to discuss questions either may have and to agree on a meeting approach that fits both of their schedules.  Meetings may be held on or off campus throughout the academic year and be scheduled as frequently as once a month or just once in a while. 


If you would like to be a mentor to a MBA student, please submit the below application. 

For more information, please contact:

Debbie Fisher, Associate Director, MBA Program

Nick Minnix, Administrative Coordinator, MBA Program  

Mentor Applications

If you would like to be a mentor to an MBA student, please submit this application. Fields with an * are required.

*Phone (please provide your preferred contact phone number with area code)


As a mentor, we would like to share your bio sketch or resume with your potential mentee. Please email your resume to Debbie Fisher at Thank you.


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