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For 2018-19, the tuition for MBA students is $1,440 per credit hour, totaling $65,000 with no additional fees. Tuition includes:

  • Consulting Experience you can add to your resume
  • Lifetime Career Coaching
  • Professional Development Programs
  • Networking with Alumni and Business Leaders
  • International Residency Experience (excluding airfare)
  • Recreation Center Membership 

Tuition Rate Lock

The Richmond MBA guarantees the same tuition rate throughout your time in the program based on your admit term. This enables students to plan their for their financial future with the assuredness that you will not see a tuition rate increase.


Partial scholarships are available to highly qualified applicants. For more information, please contact Associate Dean Randle Raggio at

Financial Aid

Students who are degree candidates and registered for at least 6 credits in fall or spring,or 4 credits in the summer term, may be eligible for either need-based or credit-based educational loans. Contact the University Financial Aid Office, at (804) 289-8438, for more information.

Time To Complete

The Richmond MBA requires students to complete 45 credit hours, which can be accomplished in as little as 24 months while maintaining the flexibility that has been a hallmark of our program. Those who wish to extend their time in the program to three years or more will be able to do so as well.


All students must obtain a parking permit from the campus police office. A $50/year fee is charged.

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