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January 2016

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Randy Raggio

I frequently remind my students, "There's more to life than numbers, but you have to get them right."  I say that because I don't want them to forget the importance and power of rigorous quantitative analysis.  It's an important lesson to remember.  But this issue of the newsletter focuses on the first part of that statement — the "more to life" part.  Lacy Heiberger, MBA '14 demonstrates the power of staying connected and how it can lead to new opportunities. Richard Coughlan, who served as director of the MBA program for 12 years, reflects on the six hundred weeks he spent in that role, and the lessons that are emerging as he considers life beyond the director’s chair.  Consider #3: “…people are what make this MBA program so special”.  The new students who started in January, and are profiled in this issue, reflect the variety of interests and experiences that make The Richmond MBA program one of the very best in the country.  We welcome them and look forward to connecting further with them as they progress through the program, advance in their careers and through the years.  

There’s more to life than numbers.  Enjoy these stories of connection.   

Randy Raggio
Associate Dean
Robins School of Business

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