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February 2020

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As spring approaches, our thoughts naturally turn to growth. Appropriately, this issue focuses on how Spider MBAs are helping their organizations grow in a variety of ways. 

Aaron Barnes, ’05, GB’17, leveraged the skills he learned in the program to help his company grow through a $200M funding round.  

For more than 10 years, Tamara Smith, GB’92, has helped grow awareness and involvement in sustainability projects through the Environmental Film Festival and the Big Yard Sale.

And you will read about how Bob Piazza has leveraged his 32-year corporate career to help MBA students and client organizations grow through MBA teaching and supervising Capstone projects. 

These are only three stories, but they clearly demonstrate a commitment to continual improvement and growth. We encourage you to share your own story for a future issue, and wish you a prosperous new year.

Randy Raggio
Associate Dean
Robins School of Business

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Career Corner with Tom Kemp, Executive in Residence

Many of you are contemplating a career move sometime this year. Of the students I have had the good fortune to work with, the primary reasons I hear from them, in no particular order are: desiring a more challenging and visible role, having a greater financial opportunity, and needing to be valued and trusted.

I seldom hear culture as a driving motivator to transition to a new career and organization. Along with emotional intelligence (EQ), and "culture" are hot buzzwords these days. Count the number of articles, TED Talks, LinkedIn articles, speaker events, etc., on these topics that inundate your inbox every week and you will nod in agreement!

Yet culture, just like EQ, can be nebulous and challenging to define. Largely, because each of us has a different view of what we value in a work environment. But, we know it when we experience an organization that is a cultural fit for us. When pursuing a new career, many candidates lose sight of cultural fit because they get hung up on compensation, title, and autonomy.

In this article from the WSJ, author Joann Lublin points out, “About 30% of new candidates fail to figure out a company’s culture correctly and end up leaving relatively soon.’’ Lublin offers advice on how candidates can do their own due diligence to better ensure a cultural fit. One of the simplest is, “notice whether employees smile at you or avoid eye contact.”

Tom Kemp is an MBA Executive in Residence. He is available to work with you on your career aspirations and journey. To contact Tom, visit him at the Robins School of Business, in office #122. His office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-6 p.m. You can also reach him by email at

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