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International Business
IBUS 281 International Business Environment
Units: 1
Introduction to field of international business: national economic and cultural differences; international trade policies and institutions; foreign direct investment; regional economic integration; international monetary system; global competition; current international business trends and developments.

IBUS 387 Cross Cultural Awareness
Units: 0.25
Mechanism through which students can gain insights about their level of cultural adaptability in order to enhance their ability to interact with persons from other cultures and to effectively function socially and professional in the global economy. The short-term objective of the course is to enhance the study abroad experience. The longerterm objective is to help them function more effectively domestically and globally in multicultural environments.

IBUS 388 Selected Topics in International Business
Units: 0.5-1
Examination of major area of international business not routinely studied in other courses.

IBUS 389 Directed Independent Study
Units: 0.5-1
Independent research on an international business topic conducted under the direct supervision of a faculty member.

IBUS 390 International Business Issues
Units: 1
Examination of a variety of international business issues. Recent topics have been national competitiveness and the global imperative; the truth about outsourcing. Specific topic determined by professor and announced during the registration period.

IBUS 411 International Business Strategy
Units: 1
Capstone course for the international business concentration. Readings and in-depth case studies on strategy formulation and implementation in the global business area. Emphasis on emerging competitive trends such as transnational enterprises and collaborative international business arrangements. This course may be completed in lieu of BUAD 497 Strategic Management.

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