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Featured Faculty Research

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The Robins School faculty are highly sought experts whose work receives recognition in their field’s most respected publications. Many develop cases, classroom material, and textbooks based on their research, supporting the school’s teacher-scholar model and incorporating real scholarship students’ coursework. Their significant contributions range from advancements in understanding motivations of the modern consumer and the influence of social networking, to identifying career passion and the implications of national economic reform on foreign trade.

Below is a sampling of our faculty’s most recent accomplishments.  


Doug Bosse, Associate Professor of Management
"Strategic Alliances of Entrepreneurial Firms: Value Enhancing Then Value Destroying"
Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal


Dean Croushore, Professor of Economics
“Fiscal Forecasts at the FOMC: Evidence from the Greenbooks”
Review of Economics and Statistics


Sara Hanson, Assistant Professor of Marketing
“Friends with Benefits: Social Coupons as a Strategy to Enhance Customers’ Social Empowerment”
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 


Jeff Harrison, Professor of Management
"Publication Bias in Strategic Management Research"
Journal of Management


Violet Ho, Associate Professor of Management
"Passion isn't always a good thing: Examining entrepreneurs' network centrality and financial performance with a dualistic model of passion"
Journal of Management Studies


Maia Linask, Assistant Professor of Economics
“Could tariffs be pro-cyclical?” 
Journal of International Economics


Cassandra Marshall, Assistant Professor of Finance
"Explaining CEO Retention in Misreporting Firms” 
Journal of Financial Economics


Saif Mehkari, Associate Professor of Economics
"The Analytics of Technology News Shocks"
Journal of Economic Theory 


Jonathan Whitaker, Associate Professor of Management
"Information Technology, Revenues, and Profits: Exploring the Role of Foreign and Domestic Operations“
Information Systems Research