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 David  North
David North
Associate Professor of Finance
Director: Center for Active Business Education (CABE)

Robins School of Business Outstanding Scholarship Award, 2007

Robins School of Business Outstanding Service Award, 2009

The David Meade White Teaching Fellow, 2009 - 2011


Financial Management Association Meeting (2001 - 2003, 2006)

Eastern Finance Association Meeting (2001, 2003, 2005)

Midwest Finance Association Meeting (2002)

EDiNEB Conference, Vienna, Austria (2007)

Professional Experience
Previous positions include:

Assistant Professor of Finance, 2000 - 2006, University of Richmond

Institutional Service

CABE Committee (2007 - present), chair

Technology Committee (2007 - present)

RSB Strategic Planning Committee (2002, 2010- present)

International Business Committee (2007 - 2009)

Entrepreneurship Ad-hoc Committee (2006)

Financial Aid Committee (2000-2002)

University of Richmond Judicial Pool (2007 - present)

Selected Publications

Thomas M. Arnold, David S. North, Risk Simulation Concepts and Methods, Capital Budgeting Valuation, 2011, 279-298


David S. North, Marshall A. Geiger, Allen D Blay, The Auditor's Going Concern Opinion as a Communication of Risk, Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, 2011, 77-102

Thomas M. Arnold, David S. North, Firm Valuation with Long-Run Business Cycles, The Journal of Private Equity, 2011

Marshall A. Geiger, David S. North, Do CEOs and Principal Financial Officers Take a "Bath" Separately or Together?: An Investigation of Discretionary Accruals Surrounding Appointments of New CEOs and PFOs, Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal, 2011, 1 - 30

David S. North, Thomas M. Arnold, Raymond P. Fishe, The Effects of Ambiguous Information on Initial and Subsequent IPO Returns, Financial Management, 2010, 1497-1519

Thomas M. Arnold, John H. Earl, David S. North, On a Risk-Adjusted Basis, Do Firms Featured on Business Magazine Covers Make Good Contraian Investments?, The Journal of Wealth Management, 2010, 88-93

Thomas M. Arnold, John H. Earl, David S. North, Z-Score Calculator for the PDA, The Investment Professional, 2009, 21

Thomas M. Arnold, David S. North, Programming a Firm Value Calculator on Your PDA, The Invesment Journal, 2009, 30-31

Thomas M. Arnold, John H. Earl, David S. North, The Impact of Barron's on Stock Prices, The Investment Journal, 2009, 22-25

David S. North, Duration Mesures for Corporate Project Valuation, The Engineering Economist, 2008

Marshall A. Geiger, Clive Lennox, David S. North, The Hiring of Accounting and Finance Officers from Audit Firms: How Did the Market React, Review of Accounting Studies Journal, 2008, 55-86

Thomas M. Arnold, John H. Earl, David S. North, Cover Stories: Are Business Magazine Covers Effective Contrarian Indicators, Financial Analysts Journal, 2007, 70-75

Marshall A. Geiger, David S. North, Brendan O'Connell, The Auditor-to-Client Revolving Door and Earnings Management, Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, 2006, 1-26

Marshall A. Geiger, David S. North, Does Hiring a New CFO Change Things? An Investigation of Changes in Discretionary Accruals, The Accounting Review, 2006, 781-809

Thomas M. Arnold, David S. North, Roy A. Wiggins, Improving Pro Forma Analysis through Better Terminal Value Estimates, Journal of Financial Education, 2005, 76-95

David S. North, John H. Earl, The Patients' Bill of Rights and Post-retirement Benefits: The Effect on the DJIA, Journal of Pensions Management, 2002, 211-227

David S. North, The Role of Managerial Incentives in Corporate Acquisitions: The 1990s Evidence, Journal of Corporate Finance, 2001, 125-149

B.A., Michigan State University 1989
Financial Administration
M.B.A., University of Notre Dame 1990
Financial Management
Ph.D., Michigan State University 2000
Contact Information
344 Queally
(804) 287-1938
(804) 289-8878 (Fax)
Areas of Expertise
Corporate Finance
Corporate Investment
Financial Management
Financial Modeling
Management Turnover
Mergers and Acquisitions