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One school could be your most important business connection.

Robins School Alumni. Bonded by a passion for business.

Your peers include CEOs, CFOs, entrepreneurs, accounting professionals, corporate leaders, change agents and idea generators. When you’re an alumni of the Robins School, you’re part of a group that’s more than 8,500 strong -- and they all share your passion for business.

World readiness means job readiness. 

As a Robins graduate, you have the depth of knowledge and real-world experience that employers want - because you’ve not only proven yourself through our challenging curriculum; you’ve also been involved in the dynamics of the business world, through teacher-scholars who kept you in tune with the latest developments.

By the time you graduated, you already had honed professional skills, hands-on business experience and a rich global perspective. In turn, you entered the business world with exceptional skills in analytical and critical thinking, written and verbal communication, global business and diversity management, and ethical leadership and decision-making.

Make business connections through the UR Career Network.

As a Robins School graduate, you’re entitled to tap into the benefits of the UR Career Network. Use this online network to learn about industries and career fields, find externships, internships and job opportunities, and check out the career paths of other Robins School alumni.

With the UR Career Network, you can: 

  • Display an online profile that outlines your experiences
  • Network within the UR community for career information
  • Make contacts with potential employers
  • Learn how to give back to the University of Richmond 

To set up your account, log in to SpiderConnect, click on “Profile” and then the “UR Career Network” tab. Complete your profile, and enter an entire community of business enthusiasts like you. 

Learn more.

If you’re a Robins School alumni, look into the many resources available to you here.

And if you’re an employer looking to add an exceptional professional to your staff, contact our Office of Alumni and Career Services.

Alumni Services
Jepson Alumni Center
(804) 289-8030
(800) 480-4774, option 8
Fax: (804) 287-1221
Employer Development
Tyler Haynes Commons, Suite 306 (third floor)
University of Richmond, Virginia 23173
(804) 289-8139
Fax: (804) 287-6465

Notable Alumni

Josh Abramson Josh Abramson, '03
Co-founder, CollegeHumor, Vimeo
Fred Bryant Fred Bryant, '10
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder, WealthForge
Meghan Bydlon, '06
North American Marketing Manager, Clinique
Mat Dellorso Mat Dellorso, '09
President & Co-founder, WealthForge
BrookeFullerton Brooke Goodwin-Fullerton, '02
Director, Public Relations, L'Oreal USA/Garnier
Howell William K. Howell, R'53
Former President & CEO, Miller Brewing
Marissa Klein Marissa Klein, '09
Founder & EVP-Fashion/Media, Choice Associates
Kelly Pratt Kelly Pratt, '09
VP, Product & Design, The Onion
Paul Queally Paul Queally, R'86
Co-president, Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe
Claiborne Robins E. Claiborne Robins, R'31
CEO, A.H. Robins Inc.
Dave Rosenbaum Dave Rosenbaum, '96
Vice President of Talent, Universal's Illumination Entertainment
Michael Woitach Michael Woitach, '14
Co-founder, Confluence Coffee Co.

Robins School of Business

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