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Marketing Opportunities in the Post-Pandemic World 

Course Description

This four-week, self-paced, online course is created for young marketing professionals who want to learn how the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the field of marketing. More than just another webinar on the impacts of this health crisis, the course allows you to interact with other participants who understand where you’re starting from as well as a diverse group of established professionals who will share their time and experiences to help you. The objective is for you to gain perspective on emerging trends so you can be more proactive in your current positions or more successful in seeking new opportunities. 

Each week you will study and contribute to online discussions with the instructor and other participants about how the pandemic has temporarily—and maybe permanently—altered  consumers and their purchasing behavior. You will take a deep dive into growth industries including telemedicine, in-home fitness, online grocery shopping, and packaged goods, to name a few. The course will identify growth companies in these industries and provide guest speakers and recruiters from established firms to offer added perspective on the future. Finally, the course will provide personal coaching for those who need additional help planning and finding unique opportunities in the new world of marketing.

There are no tests and no grades. This is your opportunity to take a step back and recalibrate your thinking about marketing. The course gives you the opportunity to explore new areas in the field that you may not have considered or studied in school, and it will add discipline and structure to your efforts to re-define your personal goals for a career in the marketing field. 

Meet Your Instructor

Bill Bergman created this special four-week course specifically to help his former students and other young marketing professionals who may have had their career plans disrupted by the recent turn of events. This course offers participants the chance to reflect on these events and gain insights on how the pandemic is redefining opportunities in the field. 

Bergman has been teaching marketing courses in the Robins School for over a decade, and his support of students was recently recognized with the 2020 Robert H. Nicholson Outstanding Advising Award. He has over 40 years of experience in the field having worked at major companies like BBDO, Newsweek, and The Richards Group. He remains president of the Bergman Group, a Richmond based advertising agency he founded in 1995.

P&Q  Bill Bergman was just named as one of the Favorite Business Professors of the Class of 2020 by Poets&Quants.

Class Dates and Costs

Program Dates: Monday, June 22 through Friday, July 17, 2020.

       While this class is self-paced, all coursework must be completed by July 17, 2020. 

Registration fee: $695


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